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Strategic advice & learning pathways

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Safety, connection, trust

European certified psychotherapist, psychologist and sociologist Wendy van Mieghem supports organizations, teams and leaders in sustainable change processes. Every professional has the need to feel heard and seen, and would like to add value to the whole. Preferably in your own way, with room for individual qualities and sensitivities. The interaction with others that arises from safety, connection and trust enables you to develop and learn, both as a person and as a professional. It gives satisfaction and pleasure. It also makes you feel connected to your colleagues and to the organization you work for.

Learning to see and understand yourself and the other in the context of that complex work environment: that’s what I can support you in. I offer strategic advice at C level and learning pathways for academic professionals. I help to get to the heart of what is going on and, subsequently, of what is needed. I help to make complex processes and patterns accessible and insightful. With targeted exercises you train skills that help each individual to contribute to a jointly worn basis. This basis offers space and is at the service of your well-being and cooperation.

A sustainable change process can be followed individually or with a group of professionals. You can be supported through live contact, online and/or offline. The choice is yours. Are you getting started with my help?


Human nature does not change. Do you wish to fight it? Or do you wish to get to know it and put it at the service of sustainable and effective change processes?

Learning pathways

In order to facilitate long-term well-being, you need to invest in the balance between thinking, feeling and doing. The best way to do this is to learn experientially. This way, not only your head is addressed and challenged, but also your feelings and patterns in your doings. Allowing them to develop further, a powerful, balanced and subtle whole of humanity, insights and skills can emerge. This gives you more depth to the impact you make in your daily work and life.

Such a change in posture and set of skills cannot be developed overnight. It requires a gradual build-up and regular exercise. The learning pathways I offer, provide you with the safe environment, structure and careful feedback you need for this. You will get to know and take care of your unique qualities and sensitivities. You learn to provide security to yourself and others during change processes. This way you can build and pass on a work and living attitude in which there is breathing space for individuality, mistakes, humanity, recovery, growth and pleasure. You are welcome to learn in interaction. In contact with yourself, with your colleagues and your customers.


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Sustainable change

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Change processes

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A pleasant environment

 We depend on each other to create and maintain a living, learning and working environment in which people feel connected in a pleasant way. It is the basis for meaningful living and working. The change that is required for this always starts within yourself. It is my passion and mission to enable anyone who is willing, to take care of one’s own qualities, needs, pain and emotions. This is the only way that change, growth and recovery can be sustainable. 

From my training and advice company I let my heart speak and I work with an eye for people and their environment. I love to create a safe, open and inviting atmosphere, in which there is room for myself and others to recover, grow and change sustainably. Guiding change processes is the core of my company. In addition, I invest 20% of my profit and/or time in developing accessible psychology products like books, posters, online courses and blog articles. In this way, I also pass on my knowledge and experience at the service of others.




Why work with Wendy?


Sustainable change

Wendy’s strategic advice and learning pathways offer impact: they’re powerful and subtle at the same time. Learn how to increase your impact, sustainably and effectively.


Very solid background

With 2 master degrees (Psychology and Sociology) plus a minor in Management and Organizations, a European registration in Psychotherapy, in-depth knowledge of life and a unique experience-based approach, Wendy offers you a solid basis for further development. 


Over 25 years of work experience

Wendy has over 25 years of work experience, including 20 years as an entrepreneur.


Live, online and offline learning possibilities

Wendy’s a natural teacher, both online and offline. The training materials Wendy develops, like books, online courses and posters, may support the developmental need of you and your team/organization.


Wendy helps you to embrace the unpredictability of life. She truly masters the art of asking subtle questions. She gives clear explanations and keeps an eye on every individual in the group in a miraculous way. She helps you to get to know better your patterns, judgements and qualities. This helps you to take full responsibility for your development, both personally and professionally. 

Sita Dijkstra

Labour market communication and recruitment, UMCG

Wendy’s feedback hit me during the training track. It caused resistance at times but proved, in retrospect, to be pure and totally attuned to what I needed. Through trial and error I gradually learned to put my needs and desires more at the core of daily life. Wendy handed me the tools and integrative vision that I need to work with confidence and peace.  

Jeroen Klevering

Pedagogue, Cedin

With a keen eye and ear, Wendy unraveled in no time the bottle necks that we as professionals have struggled with for months, if not years. With her honest approach, probing questions and trust in our capabilities, Wendy brought peace to our organization. From this rest, we could get started with what needed to be done. 

We really appreciated the peace Wendy brought by taking care of the communication between our teams as well. As a result, people felt acknowledged and recognized. Well done! Altogether, it was a very effective and pleasant transformation process. 


CEO, national health organization


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