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Conscious living, conscious working

Mission, values and standards

Both on a personal and professional level, you regularly find yourself in situations that urge you to deal with your own or other people’€™s intense emotions, pain, loss, experience of a shocking event or constant changes. To continue blindly is often detrimental to you, the organization and the customer. And that’€™s not good.

It is my mission to support professionals who carry responsibility for others. To help you to take care of yourself in such a way that it increases both your own well-being and job satisfaction and that of others. From the inside out. How? By developing your life skills even further.

Natural change

Now imagine this:

  • You are extremely skilled in dealing with emotions and feelings.
  • You recognize difficulties and you take care of them from the inside out.
  • You have developed such a deep insight into human nature that you move beyond limiting patterns in behavior, emotions and thoughts.
  • Through your own experiences, you’€™ve acquired skills and insight into the natural course of recovery and change processes, and you apply them in your work.
  • You are able to make a clear distinction between things that belong to you and the other.
  • You dare to put the power of humanity at the centre of your work and life.

Wouldn’€™t that make a world of difference? To you personally, professionally and to the company you work for? Wouldn‒t it make you deal with changes, and with each other, in a much more relaxed, flexible and effective manner?

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