Would you like to get to know your human nature? Do you want to learn how to deal with emotions and pain in a natural way? Would you like to increase your insight in relationships? Consciousliving.eu offers training courses, tools and inspiration that help you do so! All training and tools are designed from the starting point that personal development forms the base for professional growth.

My name is Wendy van Mieghem. Conscious living is my passion. I am a seasoned psychologist and trainer. During the 15 years I provided individual psychotherapy, I have learned most and for all that I can’t help people. Not really. You are the only one who can help yourself to deal differently with struggles. Or to get a deeper satisfaction out of daily life.

The challenge is to gain more insight in behavior, thinking and dealing with emotions of yourself and others. Of course you can use inspiration and tools to do so. And that’s exactly what I’ve developed for you:

  • The book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling is an accessible and international acclaimed conscious living manual that gives you insight and tools.
  • I provide training and an individually tailored education track for people who’d like to grow personally and professionally. Whenever necessary, members of the Conscious Living Team support me in this.
  • I love to listen to you and give you individual feedback during an individual session or coaching day.
  • In the shop you find books, gift sets, postcards, guided meditations, podcasts, online courses and more.
  • With one of the conscious living gift sets you give others and yourself an original and inspirational gift of high quality.
  • I give (online) lectures and presentations on the psychology of human nature and consciousness.

Below you find several video and articles I recently wrote (click on the illustration to continue). They offer insight in the psychology of conscious living. An overview of all articles can be found here. Would you like to ask something or do you need further information? Please contact me. I’m happy to help!


Wendy van Mieghem is a seasoned psychologist, sociologist and European Certified Psychotherapist. With her company Conscious Living Education and Training she works as a driven supervisor, speaker, writer and trainer. She offers training for professionals in English (consciousliving.eu) and Dutch (bewustleven.eu).


Conscious Living Education and Training is acknowledged by the Dutch government as a training institute. It is registered as such at the CRKBO and complies with the quality code for Training Institutes.

Bewust leven: maak gratis kennis




Wat is liefde?

Wat is liefde? - bewustleven.eu

Veiligheid maak je zelf

veiligheid maak je zelf-500

Mindfulness en innerlijke groei

mindfulness en innerlijke groei-bl500x375

Schrijven helpt

schrijven helpt-bl500-375

Jaloezie en afgunst


Emotionele verstrengeling

Emotionele verstrengeling-bl500

Woede en boosheid


Zorg voor jezelf

Zorg voor jezelf - bewustleven.eu



Bewust leven vanuit menselijkheid




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