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“Everything you are looking for is waiting for you to tune in to what is needed.” 

Wendy van Mieghem –

Take each day 5 to 10 minutes of your time to listen to how you’re doing. Write your experiences down in a notebook. It will help you to feel more at ease with yourself.

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About Wendy van Mieghem 

As a driven supervisor, speaker, trainer and adivsor I help professionals grow in contact and communication. 

With experience based training (open enrollment and Incompany), online courses, a supervision group and individual guidance I support professionals in integrating humanity as a force. I especially focus on the interaction between personal and professional development.

Organizations and companies hire me for advice and training to integrate the human scale sustainably into their organization. Humanity connects beyond differences of opinion, as well as differences in race, culture, sexe, education, health or profession. Besides developing insight and training skills, the focus can be put on acquiring a change of attitude.

In service of professionals and their clients, I develop several tools that help to increase and maintain insight, peace and inner balance:

Wendy van Mieghem is a seasoned psychologist, sociologist and European Certified Psychotherapist. From her company Conscious Living Education and Training she works as a driven supervisor, speaker, writer and trainer. She offers training for professionals in English ( and Dutch (


Organizations and companies hire me for divergent reasons, varying from lectures and workshops to long-term advice and training projects. 

On the left you find some of my recent customers: 2 hospitals, a township, a telecommunication company, a health care organization and a university of applied sciences.

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The wisdom behind emotion and feeling

How do you become more aware of who you are and what you need? Your daily life contains lots of information and mirrors to help you with this. Learning to allow and understand your emotions and feelings leads to inner growth and fulfillment. Still, you tend to run away from them.

The book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling – Your daily life as a mirror helps you to unravel your human nature and receive what is already there.

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Mindfulness and inner growth

The wisdom behind jealousy

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