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My name is Wendy van Mieghem. I train people to become balanced leaders who realize lasting constructive change.

For this I write psychology books, I develop online training courses and I provide training programs.

I focus on three areas of work: leadership, psychology and sustainability. If you really want to make lasting constructive change, you can’t do without these three. Want to know why? Then read, watch and listen about sustainable change on this website!





about sustainable change

I support leaders in effective and sustainable change processes. Only when you can lead yourself from safety through an inner change process, you can optimally be at the service of others. I help you powerfully and subtly realize your potential. Step by step. So that you make a constructive and profound impact.

I’m going all out for recovery. Regardless of the problem you’re dealing with. Both in contact with individuals and in organizations. In everything I do, long-term well-being is central. From you, your colleagues and customers, your company, work and living environment, society and the world. That’s what sustainable change is to me.

What do you need to become a balanced leader or entrepreneur? Someone who is personally and professionally balanced. And because of this is emotionally available to others. When you follow a learning trajectory or training with me, I teach you to find and maintain a deep inner peace and balance. That provides you with the solid foundation you need to grow professionally.

I train people in (re)mastering the naturalness of recovery and change processes. First experience it from the inside out. Then learn to apply it in your own work and life.

I’m going all out for recovery, no matter what problem you’re dealing with.


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"Wendy teaches you how to incorporate your humanity into your work in a constructive way."

Carolien Coerts,  Team Developer

"Wendy adapts the content of the training in the moment to the (un)pronounced individual needs and necessity of participants. Remarkable!"

Margret Eikens, coach

"There is a fine balance in the training program between talking/thinking, doing and feeling. The group is pleasantly balanced. I experience much more peace in work and private life."

Consultant, participant of the Conscious Living Education

about you

You are a driven professional with extensive experience (>5 years) in your field. You are highly educated and/or quick to understand. But that doesn’t mean everything goes right at once.

You are ready for more expressiveness and depth. You feel that you are not yet fully using your potential. Perhaps you personally or professionally experience some bumps or pitfalls that make this so. You realize that nothing will change if you do not work on yourself.

That is why you need tailor-made support for personal and professional growth. You don’t want to muddle around in the margins, but really need to make a lot of progress. The time is right for you to get started. You pay the costs yourself, from your own company or you get them reimbursed by your employer.

Even if your therapist, coach, doctor or employer has referred you to my products and /or guidance, you are welcome. I offer plenty of tools and opportunities for your personal and professional growth.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Then you’ve come to the right place!

What I can offer you


Conscious Living Education

4-year tailor-made training program in which you learn to lead yourself and others through recovery and change processes from safety. Realize your potential!

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Personal Leadership

1-year tailor-made training program in which you learn to build emotional carrying capacity. Learn to offer yourself and others safety.

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Books & Online Training

In the shop you find lots of books and online training possibilities that get you started right away!

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Strategic advice

Strategic advice at the service of long-term well-being and growth

about me

With 3 minors (business administration, sociology and psychology), 2 master degrees (psychology and sociology), a European registration in Psychotherapy, in-depth life experience and a unique experiential approach, I offer a solid foundation for your development.

I have over 25 years of work experience, of which 20 years as an independent entrepreneur.

Both online and offline I am a natural teacher. The training material I develop (such as training courses, books, webinars and more) offers support with the development needs of yourself, your customers and your colleagues.

My advice and training programs have an impact: they are powerful and at the same time subtle. Shall we get to work?

Wendy van Mieghem

Why psychology books?

Psycholoog Wendy van Mieghem over psychologie boeken -

Hi, my name is Wendy van Mieghem. The psychology books I write are experience based. In this way, each book takes you on an inner journey. On the road to recovery, change and growth. It nourishes your head, invites you to get to know your feelings better and encourages action. The reflection questions at the end of each chapter will help you find your own answers and direction.

I write my books from my personal and professional experiences so far. They are packed with wisdom, insights, experience stories and tips. Not pedantic, but as if someone is standing next to you, the reader. As if we take a walk and chat. As a result, the books appeal to a wide and varied audience, from young (16+) to old.

From my training institute, I can intensively supervise no more than 50 professionals per year. Through my books and online training courses I support many professionals in their personal and professional growth. And the development of their customers.

Emotionally and mentally, exactly matching what is needed to recover, grow and change from the inside out. At the service of your long-term well-being. That is my contribution to a better world. Sustainable change is possible!


Wendy van Mieghem