I offer strategic consultancy to support entrepreneurs, companies and organizations through their processes of change. As a consultant, psychotherapist and trainer I provide safety by getting to the core of what is needed. I maintain a respectful, connecting work attitude. My guidance and advice offer high impact. Are you ready to change?

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I love people and their human nature. Nothing is as pure, as beautiful and as powerful as humanity, yet vulnerable at the same time. And companies consist of human beings. As an entrepreneur, manager or professional you see parts of you in every corner of your company. Both your qualities and your sensitivities shape your company. Your company mirrors you so to speak.

As a company or organization you have a duty to let people cooperate. To bring out the best in each other, in favor of the customer. To (continue to) grow, personally and professionally. To contribute to society sustainably and effectively. Over time, as a team or department, you get to know your colleagues through and through. You become a working family, in a way. Miscommunication, differences in vision, personal challenges, setbacks or a continuously changing market, they are all challenges you are facing. How do you continue to understand each other? How can you learn from each other? How can you secure that your team or department is a safe harbor from which you continue to deliver the best service or the best product, time and again?

Wendy is capable to touch your core in an extremely attentive, delicate and vigorously manner. Even if it hurts. Or perhaps I should say: just when it hurts. Thanks to her guidance and support in embracing my own humanity, I am able to continue to do my work mentally fit, with passion and inspiration. I wish the same to every professional who ‘works with people’!

– Aline Rozema-Meijer, Behavioral scientist at De Noorderbrug, care institution

Individual guidanceThe wisdom behind emotion and feeling - Wendy van Mieghem, consciousliving.eu

From the inside out, I guide you in your work during a longer period of time. During an interview by phone or Skype, we make a global inventory of your need for change and growth. We identify bottlenecks in your personal and professional life. If you decide you’d like to continue the process, we carry it through extensively. We further map out your individual background and points of concern. We determine the right structure for you to move forward. In between our meetings you continue to develop yourself. Tailor-made do it yourself assignments, the online training courses and the book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling support you in this.

Companies and organizations

I do the same for companies and organizations, but then for multiple people. Often this means that change processes are more complex and require more preparation, time and attention. Therefore, we work in stages. During the inventory process I listen to your guiding question. I talk to several people within the company. I join a meeting. I listen to underlying needs. I explore the corporate culture. I get to know your product or service. I get to the core of the needs or the problem, which will be expressed in a report. Part of the consultancy is also that I make recommendations about how to move forward.

Once you’ve decided that you’d like to move to the next stage in consultancy, we make an action plan to do so. The recommendations from the inventory process can be adopted and complemented or extended as you wish. We choose a structure that fits your team and organization best. Then you get going yourselves. I visit you once or twice a month for the purpose of anchoring your change process. I listen, give feedback, set boundaries, stimulate and guard the(in-depth) development. Every 6 months, we normally evaluate the development thus far. If necessary, we adjust it. Sharpen it. And continue. Often change becomes tangible and visible within a couple of weeks. In due time, it will deepen more and more. The change of attitude will anchor both in you personally and in your company or organization.

Intensive track

If needed and fitting, it is possible to hire me for an additional intensive track during which I am physically present at your company for 1 day a week. I may provide guidance sessions with individual employees or group training. The consultancy, guidance and training is focused on giving you insights and tools that you need in order to implement the changes you and your company need. You yourselves are responsible for the result. I support you until you can do it of your own accord. To me, one of the best success criteria is not being needed anymore.

Consultancy examples

To give you an idea of the kind of consultancy work I do, I’d like to give you a few examples:

  • autonomous or self organizing teams: supporting the stretegy development, implementation and improving quality
  • norms-and-values-driven organization: full analysis, strategy development and implementation of a change in attitude and culture
  • leadership development: acquiring, deepening and refining personal and customer-focused leadership, meeting needs in a natural and sustainable way
  • communication: analysis of bottlenecks in corporate culture and supporting change processes
  • custom-made tracks for groups and individuals

Let’s get acquainted

Do my services speak to you? And would you like to get acquainted without obligations? Call or email me to make an appointment for an informal meeting by phone or on Skype. Read more about my background here. Find an indication of the consultancy rates here.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Mieghem – consciousliving.eu