Guided meditations


Single guided meditations can help you to relax in an easy and effortless way. You simply listen to the voice and receive what is present. No hard work, no deeper meaning, just be here.

Guided meditations can help you to:

  • relax
  • fall asleep
  • enjoy the present moment
  • connect to your body
  • let go of stress and worries
  • grow more conscious

Whenever needed, a single guided meditation includes audio files on three levels:

  • 10 minutes version (beginner), a
  • 20 minutes version (intermediate) and a
  • 40 minutes version (advanced)

The text of the advanced version will be added as well. This way you can practice and grow in your own pace.

You can easily buy the guided meditations in our online shop. Guided meditations are a digital product, which enables you to start right away after purchase. Please note that it is not possible to return a digital product.

Guided meditations

Here you find an overview of the guided meditations that are currently available:

Body scan

You receive 2 guided mindfulness meditations that help you to relax your whole body. Each meditation comes in 3 levels: beginner (10 minutes), intermediate (20 minutes) and advanced (40 minutes).

Therefore, you receive 6 audio files in total, plus the text of the advanced version of both exercises. Buy the bodyscan guided meditation in our shop.


After purchase

Log in into your account and go to the ‘My courses‘ page. Here you will find an overview of the digital products that you bought. You can enjoy your purchase immediately.