Basics of Meditation

Basics of Meditation: find peace and balance in 7 weeks

Find peace and balance with the Basics of Meditation online course.

Find peace and balance

Are you looking for inner peace and balance? Would you like to get to know yourself better and increase your inner space? Are you curious how meditation and mindfulness can improve your daily life? Lots of mindfulness and meditation benefits have been acknowledged nowadays. Meditation may support you to deal with:

  • sleeping problems
  • concentration problems
  • stress complaints
  • high blood pressure
  • hyperventilation
  • fear
  • pain
  • loss
  • trauma
  • conflicts
  • feeling depressed
  • headache
  • feeling washed-out
  • inner growth

“When I went on unpaid leave, the transition to ‘normal’ life was too big for me. I started to hyperventilate regularly. My GP advised me to follow this online course. I was flabbergasted that I reached tangible results within a couple of weeks. I use the Basics of Meditation course for over a year now and I wouldn’t want to live without it!” – Hanna, primary school teacher

This is what you need

Do you also want to find inner peace and balance? Are you looking for a meditation course that helps you to build a firm basis? You will definitely benefit from the Basics of Meditation course then. The Basics of Meditation online course helps you with what you truly need in order to create peace and balance into your daily life:

1: A clear view on who you are: you need to know who you are and what you truly need. What is it that keeps you awake at night? How do you deal with intense emotions? What are the underlying motives of your actions in daily life? Getting to know the real-life version of yourself, including all of your bad habits, trics and procrastination, gives you direction.

2: To embrace unwanted visitors: every uninvited physical sensation, emotion, feeling, thought or behavior that passes by needs to be welcomed. You don’t have to like them, but you also shouldn’t cast them away. If you want to become more present, you need to allow them to be present as well.

3: A smart well-thought-out structure: once you start your inner journey, you need to be able to cling to something that guides you through the mist and hard times. A structure that you trust, for it is not possible to keep a clear view and get to know yourself better at the same time. You need to be able to let go of (some) control, in order to be able to experience. And experiences are what you need, if you want to be able to grow and change the way you experience your daily life.

4: Interaction with your teacher and co-students: you need to be able to ask a question to your teacher whenever they pop up during the course, e.g. questions about the content of the course or based on a meditation experience. It is also nice to be able to share your experiences among fellow students. Precisely because everyone has a different background, it is possible to learn a lot from eachother. Whenever you walk through processes of change and inner growth, it is important to continue to express yourself. Sharing your experiences within a private group of co-students can be enrichening to yourself, but also to your fellow students and teacher.

5: A notebook to write it all down: whatever it is that you’ve experienced during meditation, you need to write it down. By writing you are invited to observe what happened. Writing helps to let go of emotions and fears, for you allow it to exist. Writing also helps you to let go of control issues. Once you’ve written down how it was, you’re able to move to the next moment without worrying or clinging to it.

Your notebook is your external memory. It enables you to live through processes of inner growth, experiencing all sorts of unexpected feelings. Over time, you’re able to read through your notes and discover patterns that you were not aware of yet.

The Basics of Meditation program invites you to learn all of this. The online 7 week program enables you to learn how to meditate and find and maintain inner balance step by step. In a way that supports your personal and professional life. And the good news is: you can start right away!

“Thanks to the Basics of Meditation online course I was liberated from chronic sleeping problems relatively quick and easy. What a relief! It feels so good.” – John, doctor

Basics of MeditationBasics of meditation -

With the Basics of Meditation online course you can learn and secure all of this step by step. It helps you to find and maintain inner balance in a way that supports your personal and professional well-being.

The Basics of Meditation online course helps you to get started and continue to grow in your own environment. The course has a clear structure and built-up that help you to acquire and increase insights and skills step-by-step. The use of audio, video, do-it-yourself assignments and guided meditations help you to refine your knowdledge and insights. Learning by doing, that’s the point!

The Basics of Meditation online course focuses on gaining experience-based knowledge, insights and skills. Just like live training courses, the online courses are suitable for multiple levels: it is teached in such way that both beginners and advanced students can make great strides in their development.

You receive unlimited access for personal use (only). So you can truly learn at your own pace and repeat the course as often as you like. Would you like to share the Basics of Meditation course partially or as a whole with others, for private use or business purposes? That’s possible, but only after you’ve signed an additional license to do so. Please contact me for further information.

Please note: to be able to use the Basics of Meditation online course you need an internet or wifi connection in order to get access to the files each time you’d like to practice.

By whom?Wendy van Mieghem -

The Basics of Meditation online course is developed by Wendy van Mieghem. She is a seasoned psychologist, sociologist and European Certified Psychotherapist. From her company Conscious Living Education and Training, she works as a driven supervisor, speaker, writer and trainer. She offers training for professionals in English ( and Dutch (

This is what you get

With Basics of Meditaiton you receive the following modules:

1. On meditation, mindfulness and inner growth: What is meditation? And what are mindfulness and inner growth? With this module you receive an introduction video, explanatory text, two exercises in different levels with audiofiles, text and downloadable .pdf files. You learn about what meditation, mindfulness and inner growth can do for you and to observe your motivation.

2. Body posture and mental attitude: how important is the influence of your body posture and mental attitude when you start to meditate? This module contains an introduction video, explanatory text, two mindfulness exercises at different levels with audiofiles and text. You learn about the importance of relaxation, self-acceptance and an open attitude.

3. All about energy – an introduction: what is energy and how do you perceive it? Experience your energy with the extra video. This module contains an introduction video, explanatory text, two exercises with video or audio and text. You learn about the influence of emotions and thoughts on your energy and practice your skills in perceiving energy.

4. All about energy – chakras and meditation: how do you exercise with chakras and energy points? Learn about the 7 chakras with the explanatory text and downloadable .pdf file; introduction video; find the location of the chakras on your body with help of the extra video; meditation exercise with audio file and text. You learn about the different layers in working with energy points and about the circulation of natural expression.

5. The interim score: take a moment to reflect on how you’re doing and learn about 3 common pitfalls and their solutions. With introduction video, explanatory text and two exercises with audio or video and text. You learn how to deal with lack of concentration, resistance and the difficulty to recognize your own experiences.

6. Personal development: what is personal development and how do you recognize it in daily life? This module contains an introduction video, explanatory text with downloadable .pdf file and a meditation exercise with audio and text. You learn about patterns in behavior, thinking and dealing with emotions. You learn why it is important to give yourself the attention you need.

7. Your qualities: what are qualities and how do you recognize them? This last module contains an introduction video, explanatory text, a meditation exercise with audio and text and some tips and suggestions to continue your good work. You learn about the importance of expressing your qualities and the value it adds to your personal and professional life.

After payment you receive unlimited access for personal, private use. On the program as a whole and on each individual part (such as text, video, audio and exercises) all rights are reserved. Please do contact us for more information on wholesale and business or commercial use.

Good to know

Here you can buy access to Basics of Meditation in our webshop. The costs are 297 euro per person. You receive access to the online course right after purchase. So you can start today.

When you’d like to follow the course in 7 weeks, I advice you to do 1 lesson per week. The first time you take a lesson it takes about one hour. It normally takes less time to repeat the lesson or meditation exercise. Practice 2 to 3 times a week in order to gain sufficient experience. It will help you to develop the insights and skills you long for.

Do you have a Facebook account? You’re welcome to add me as a ‘friend’ within 24 hours after purchase. I will add you to the private Facebook group that is connected to this online course. In this private group you can ask me all of your questions related to this online course. And you learn from the questions and experiences shared by others.

How it works

Once you’ve decided to join the Basics of Meditation online course, please go through the following steps: How it works -

  1. Go to Basics of Meditation in the shop;
  2. Add the course to your cart and pay;
  3. Now you have your own account where you find an overview of all your purchases at
  4. Every time you’d like to use the online course, go to the ‘My account‘ page and login with the password and username you choose during the purchase process (step 2).
  5. Then go to the ‘My courses‘ page.
  6. Click on the name of the online course you’d like to work with. Now you see the content of the course.
  7. Click on the lesson you’d like to use.
  8. Enjoy!

Basics of Meditation recommendations

Students of the Basics of Meditation online course make the following recommendations:

The course helped me to refocus on myself with compassion and forgiveness.” – Julia

“This course is truly a gift. Grounded and sensitive. Wendy Van Mieghem is a natural and perfect guardian.” – Georgina

“The course has an easy flow structure starting from awareness of self to right through the process of change. It allows acceptance of natural phenomenon of being human and then move on to eventual process of healing self through changing one’s own perception to look from internal frame of reference. Connecting to my body was an important source of awareness and healing. Thank you and I am glad that I have joined the course.” – Shaheen

“Basics of Meditation offers a nice variation between lecture and practice. This online course enables me to learn in my own pace and to do the exercises as often as I like. It truly helps me to increase my inner balance” – Jo-Ann

“It’s super. I am really happy that I joined this course. It offers me a helping hand to get to know and experience meditation. It helps me to (re)connect with myself. This course also invites me to gain more knowledge and insights on emotions en thought processes.” – Rick

I wish you lots of peace.

Warm greetings,

Wendy van Mieghem –