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Hurray! By posting this page I present to you the digital learning environment (online school) that enables you to join my online courses. The online courses and guided meditations I offer inspire and support you to live your daily life in a conscious, comfortable and easy way.

I grand every human more relaxation, balance and inner peace in their daily lives. It is the base of being able to enjoy the present moment, here and now, every moment again. The online courses are developed to offer you the tools you need to live your best life.


The online courses help you to become more aware of who you are, what you do and what you need. They offer insightful information and practical assignments and tips that get you started right away. Every online course includes several guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to enable you to exercise as often as you need to become relaxed.

In the end, everything comes down to the present moment, here and now. To live your daily life as relaxed and integrated as possible. To acknowledge that not everything is possible right away, but when you give yourself the time and attention you need to grow everything becomes possible through time. Let nothing hold you back to live your best life now!


Here is an overview of the online courses that are available so far:


It is possible to pay safely with your creditcard or Paypal account.

In 2015 more online courses and also audiobooks will be added to the online school. Stay tuned through my newsletter!

Please note that the Spiritual Psychology Basics online course is literally the basic of every other online course or live training by Wendy Van Mieghem: the content of this course is assumed to be known and experienced by you when you start any other course or live training!

How it works

Whenever you would like to use one of the online courses, you will first need to make a free account that gives you access to the online school.

In order to make a free account, go to the website of the online school, enter your name, email address and password and press the button ‘Create new account‘. Now you have access to my online learning environment.

You can now subscribe to one or more of the online courses and guided meditations.

Whenever you’re logged in, you will find a full and updated overview of all courses when you click the tab ‘All courses‘. When you click on a course, you’ll find all the information you need of that course, like content, previews (if available) and secure payment information.

When you stay on that same page and scroll down, you find the course curriculum: a detailed overview of the content with all sections and lectures. Some courses have some free previews; you will find them here.

When you click the tab ‘My courses‘, you find an overview of the courses you subscribed to.

Note: I do not have insight nor access to your login data and I can therefore not make adjustments to your login data on your request.

Please remember your login data exactly as they are! Even a small change in the use of capital letters or small letters, with or without space, when you enter your name, email address or password may lead to login problems. Whenever you’ve forgotten your password, you can easily reset your password yourself.

Let’s get started!

In order to get access to the online courses and guided meditations, please follow these steps:

  1. Create your free account of the online school (click here). Make sure you’re able to remember your login data at any time 🙂
  2. Login to your own account, if you haven’t yet.
  3. Go to the ‘All courses‘ page and click the online course you’d like to subscribe to.
  4. Read the information and if you’d like to buy access to the course, press the green button. Note: at this moment it is only possible to pay through creditcard in dollars, but we’re working on it to offer you more safe payment options.
  5. The course is added to your account. You can find an overview of your subscriptions at the ‘My courses‘ page. You’re now ready to start with the course! Enjoy 🙂

About Wendy Van Mieghem

Wendy Van Mieghem is a European Certified Psychotherapist, writer and healer who is passionate about BEing and Living.

Wendy combines her scientific background (Psychology and Sociology) with over 20 years of experienced based learning and teaching on meditation, mindfulness and healing. She developed an integrated vision and working style that has proven to be beneficial to many.

Wendy Van Mieghem knows from personal experience what it’s like to go through intense life-events; to deal with emotions and to give yourself attention in order to heal and live your best life. She worked as a psychotherapist for several years with great joy, helped over 1500 clients, and started to give training on Spiritual Psychology and our ‘Nature of Being‘ succesfully.

Wendy shares her insights on being human and how to live your best life through her live training, website, blog, facebookpage, YouTube channel and Online School. She is currenly writing her first book.

Start right away! Click here and go to the Online School.

All the best, take care,

Wendy Van Mieghem



Online courses by Wendy Van Mieghem