What are emotions and feelings? What’s the difference between them? And where do you find emotions and feelings assignments that help you to experience a natural, fluid control without stress? This article answers all of these questions.

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Emotions and feelings are a natural part of your humanity. They are powerful signals that let you know how you’re (partially) doing at this moment or what it is you need. However, emotions and feelings are not isolated truths in themselves. They are constantly in contact with other aspects of your human nature, like needs and longings, instincts, thoughts and inspiration. Every aspect of your humanity contains its own truth and wisdom.

It can be a challenge to experience peace and balance in all of these aspects. Often you (un)consciously fight against your own human nature. You suppress emotions and feelings; you feel ashamed of certain thoughts, needs or longings; you ignore your own inspiration. As a result, you get stuck in emotional entanglement.

Fighting against your human nature consumes energy. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of your own well-being, both physically and psychological. Therefore, it is really worthwhile to become more familiar with the natural connection between the different aspects of your humanity. When you learn what you can’t change, you enable yourself to focus and invest your time, attention and energy more accurately in what you can change: your life attitude. It will help you to experience more peace and balance during your daily life, personally and professionally.

The wisdom behind emotion and feeling - Wendy van Mieghem, consciousliving.eu

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Emotions and feelings difference

Every human being on earth experiences on a daily basis emotions and feelings. At some moments you experience them as intense, during other moments you barely notice them. One of the similarities between emotions and feelings is that they come in waves. Out of relative peace, they pop up, just like a wave. They linger in place, then to descend again. Most of all it needs the allowance to be present, regardless of what you’re feeling is an emotion or feeling. It needs allowance to breath, which can be quite tricky to do.

There are also differences between emotions and feelings. Emotions are connected to your instincts and pelvic area. They invite you to take care of your needs. They are more powerful than feelings, they come up faster and also drop quickly. That is, for as long as you don’t cling to them. There are 3 basic emotions: anger, lust and fear. Feelings are connected to your heart and chest area. They invite you to take care of your longings. Feelings are very subtle. They contain lots of information on who you are and what you need in order to experience peace, balance, happiness and fulfillment in your daily life. There’s a wide range of feelings, from jealousy and disappointment to loneliness and despair.

Emotions and feelings assignments

Are you eager to get started with emotion and feeling? Focused emotions and feelings assignments can help you to gain insight, step by step, on how you’re dealing with emotions and feelings. You can find such assignments in the book and in the online courses and training that I offer. The do it yourself assignments do not only help you to grow more conscious of how you’re dealing with emotions and feelings, they also help you to deepen and refine your skills. If you’d like to change your attitude towards your life, you’ll need to practice. The emotions and feelings assignments support you in this. They invite you to treat yourself and others more friendly.

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