We did it!

We did it! Thank you so much for supporting my Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign! The campaign ended successfully on October 10, 2018.  With the campaign, I aimed to raise enough money to fund the printing expenses of the book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling. And so we did!

I feel so grateful for your help. I received a lot of support from people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Canada and the Unites States (Ohio, Arizona, Illinois, California). In the video I explain what this first crowdfunding campaign was like for me. The video is my shout out to say thank you to all of you who contributed. Again, thank you so much!

In this article I’ll introduce myself, I’ll explain what the campaign is about and why I need your help. I will also list 4 different options through which you can support my campaign. By doing so, you may support yourself and you definitely enable others to take care of themselves while dealing with emotions, feelings, stress and pain.


Find your own solutions

Hi, my name is Wendy van Mieghem. I work as a senior consultant, trainer and psychotherapist from my own training institute, Consciousliving.eu .

It is my passion to enable anyone who is willing, to take care of oneself and grow. I do so in an easy accessible, experience based manner; preferably nearby with books, online courses, guidance and training. My teachings consist of a combination of my professional knowledge and experiences, and my life story. As a result, a lot of my readers and customers feel like I’m sitting next to them, thinking along and asking them the right questions. That’s how they find their own solutions and insights.

October 2016 I self-published a beautiful conscious living manual in Dutch. It received many positive responses. It took me a year and a half to translate it from Dutch into English and to have it edited.


The wisdom behind emotion and feelingThe wisdom behind emotion and feeling - Wendy van Mieghem, consciousliving.eu

The manual is called The wisdom behind emotion and feeling – Your daily life as a mirror. It invites you to get to know yourself and life better. It explains difficult human topics (e.g. dealing with fear, need for control, jealousy, anger, depression, loss, trauma) in a fresh and understandable way.

The book unravels all levels of human nature one by one, while clarifying the natural connection between them. Instincts, desires and longings, emotions, feelings, thoughts and inspiration: they’re all explained in a clear and comprehensive way.

This book aims to support you in dealing with intense emotions, feelings, thoughts and pain in a natural and constructive way. Both for personal and professional use. The wisdom behind emotion and feeling is a book for adults of all ages. Young adults (16+) can read the book with support of a parent or health care professional.

Why I need your help

Just a few days left and then the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will launch. With the campaign, I aim to raise enough money to fund the printing expenses of the book. I’ve taken on all the other costs myself. Now is the time to make the last step towards realization of this wonderful book. And you can help!

It means a lot to me, personally and professionally, that the book will hopefully soon be available in English as well. I hope it will inspire and support people in dealing with emotions, feelings, stress and pain. Beta readers from all over the world have already sent wonderful feedback and endorsements. Here you find an overview.

The campaign will run from September 10, 8 am (pacific) till October 10, 9 pm (pacific). Within this time period, we’ll need to collect the € 5080 needed to fund the printing of the book. It is all or nothing: if we don’t reach the € 5080 goal, there won’t be a paper book. That would be very unfortunate for everybody!

Your help is needed and welcome

Therefore, your contribution to the realization of this project is needed and welcome. There are 4 ways in which you can contribute:

OPTION 1: Your donation (voluntary contribution without a favor in return) can be transfered to bank account IBAN NL23ASNB0707510309 , BIC code ASNBNL21. The account name is ‘Wendy van Mieghem’. Please mention ‘donation book TWBEAF‘ in the description.

OPTION 2: You can visit the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and pick a reward. You make your pledge (you’ll need a free Kickstarter account and a creditcard in order to be able to do so).

When the campaign has ended and the funding goal has been reached, your creditcard will be debited for the amount you’ve pledged. You’ll receive your reward as soon as possible. If the funding goal is not reached, your creditcard won’t be debited.

OPTION 3: You reserve your copy of the book, with or without the accompanying posters and postcards, via the shop on my English website consciousliving.eu . You pay straight away and you’ll receive your order simultaneously with the Kickstarter funders. Your order amount will be added to the Kickstarter campaign and will therefore help to reach the funding goal. In case I am unable to deliver your order, you’ll receive a full refund (shipping costs included) within 7 work days after October 10th.

Please note: people from all over the world will be able to order the book and gift set. Therefore, you’ll need to pay the shipping costs yourself.

OPTION 4: You support my crowdfunding campaign by sharing this post, the website of the Kickstarter campaign and/or one or more of the social media messages about the campaign in your network. By sharing, you help more and more people to notice the campaign. In the end, this will help to reach the funding goal! Here you find an overview of my social media accounts:

Thank you so much for your support!

Do you have a question? Please contact me by leaving a reply below. I’ll answer a.s.a.p. within 2 work days.

Best wishes,

Wendy van Mieghem – consciousliving.eu

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