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“Vulnerability is the source of inner strength.” – Wendy van Mieghem

Earlier this month I had the honour to teach a group of enthusiastic people who, just like me (and you?), are eager to live their best life.

I teached a 5 day course as part of the Nature of Being Training: an experience based education that helps you to deepen and refine your self-awareness and get to know your nature of being. The subject of this 5-day training was to learn to see and listen to the mirrors in your daily life.

On the second day I woke up with an intense headache. “Oh dear,” I thought, “How do I teach like this?”. It took quite some effort to go to the bakery and fetch the bread for lunch. Then I headed to the students at the accomodation in the beautiful forest of Noordlaren (Netherlands).

I decided to share about my own experiences and struggles of that moment. Not because I wanted to get rid of them, but because I needed to give myself some space in order to receive clarity about what to do next.

I felt só horrible; I didn’t want to ignore that. At the same time it also felt like a perfect ‘teach by example’ moment. After sharing, I passed my teaching responsibility over to my assistent Margret and went to bed.

To share my struggles and hand over the teaching responsibility to someone else felt necessary, scary and vulnerable to me. But it worked out very well: people felt inspired by the strength of vulnerability and sharing.

A deep peace

A few days later, on the last day of the training, I headed to the training accomodation after a walk in the forest. I had enjoyed every step of the walk and at the same time I felt a little heavy because I was late.

At the entrance of the class-room I was taken by surprise: there was a deep peaceful presence in the room. It turned out that the students silently had turned their attention inwards by their own accord. All of them! The peaceful presence encapsulated what had moved them and how they delt with it at that very moment. Whát a gift!

I felt very grateful for this mirror. To me, the peaceful presence confirmed that sharing my own experiences the way I did, was indeed of service to everyone else in the group. Even though I felt no other possibility at that time, I wasn’t sure about the compliance of my actions yet.

Later on, during a moment of sharing, it became clear that students were not only inspired, but they had also grown more aware that they themselves are indeed responsible for everything they create in their daily lives.

This realization invited them to turn their attention inwards…

Sharing inspiration

I’m looking forward to it to share inspiration and experiences with you as well! On the totally renewed website you can find everything that I offer. On the products page you can see which products I am currently developing.

Through the webshop you can order from now on postcards, minicards/gift labels and profitable gift sets. Further on in 2015, guided meditations, online courses and books will be added to the shop. Of course I’ll keep you posted through my newsletter once a new product or training is available!

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I sincerely wish you all the inspiration and tools you need to live your daily life in a peaceful, relaxed way. All the best!

Warm greetings,
Wendy van Mieghem, writer, teacher, psychotherapist