Return Policy

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Return policy

It is not possible to return a digital product because you receive the product right after purchase. This purchase cannot be undone. Therefore, it is only possible to buy a digital product when you state that you do not want a 14 days consideration period and that you wish to receive the product right away. Digital products are added to your account. Under ‘My courses‘ you find an overview of the digital products that you bought.

For physical products like our postcards and books we will grant you 14 days to judge if your purchase is satisfactory. Within this period you can return the product. You can take a close look at the product just like you would do in a shop and test if it lives up to your expectations. If you have doubts whether you can still change your product then please contact us on +31628843480 (only on work days from 9 am to 10 am CET) or

If you are not at all satisfied with the physical product then please return it to us in the original packing and unused. You can read below how to handle. We will refund your money including the original delivery costs within 14 days. You only have to pay yourself for the return shipment.

Return form

Please copy/past the text below, fill in the requested information and send it to us.

(this form should only be completed and returned if you want to withdraw from the contract)

– To: Wendy van Mieghem, H. Hasekampsingel 9, 9617 EV Harkstede, Netherlands

or to


– I/we* herewith inform you that, in respect of our contract regarding


The sale of the following physical products: [write below the description of the product}*


The supply of the following service: [write below the description of the service]*



I/we* exercise our right of withdrawal.



– Ordered on*/received on* [write below the date of ordering services or receiving goods]


– [Consumer(s)’ name]

– [Consumer(s)’ address]

– [Consumer(s)’ signature] (only if this form is submitted on paper)



*Delete or provide supplementary information, as applicable.