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Book: Introspection

Writing this book has been quite an interesting journey so far. It all started about 8 years ago, when I was pregnant of our first child. Even though I’d been happy with my work since then, I worked way too hard. I felt an urge to relate to the things I loved to do in a different way. I was looking for (another) change of attitude towards life…

Long story short: I have learned to do more with less effort. Getting to know my humanity has proven to be the greatest gift I can give myself. There is no need to work hard anymore, even though at times I still do, for the fulfillment of my longings and desires are here and now. Since I started to embrace and contain myself unconditionally, I truly feel and experience that every day of my life contains the fulfillment, inner peace and relaxation I long for. So close to home…

My first book ‘Introspection’ (working title) is the result of this inner journey. It invites you to embrace your human nature. There is no need anymore to work hard or search for solutions, for the answers to your questions are probably present and overlooked. You need to get to know yourself, express yourself and trust yourself in order to recognize and see what is already there. Your instincts, emotions, feelings, thoughts and inspiration show you the way… They are tools for inner growth.

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Product overview

More programs and products will become available in the coming period. On our product overview page you can easily see which products are available at this moment. Products that are expected but still worked on, are marked with a star*. Read more

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