Are you interested in psychology, your human nature of being and introspection? Are you looking for inspiration on conscious living? Here you find a summary of all the tools and inspiration for conscious living that you can listen to:

Guided meditations

Single guided meditations can help you to relax in an easy and effortless way. You simply listen to the voice and receive what is present. No hard work, no deeper meaning, just be here.

Whenever needed, a single guided meditation includes audio files on three levels: a 10 minutes version (beginner), a 20 minutes version (intermediate) and a 40 minutes version (advanced). This way you can practice and grow in your own pace. Read more

Whenever you feel a need for more guidance and explanation, you’re welcome to join one of our programs, with online courses and/or live training. Our programs help you to acquire experiences so you can deepen and refine your insights and skills. They guide you step by step through your process of inner growth. Read more at the ‘experience’ section


Podcasts are an easy way to receive more information on a specific topic. Most of the podcasts are live recordings from Wendy van Mieghem’s classes and webinars. Podcasts enable you to peek into a certain class without following the whole program. Enjoy the inspiration! Read more

Audio book

As soon as the book ‘Introspection’ is published in English (in 2016), it will also become available as an audio book. More information will be available a.s.a.p..



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