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Individual guidance

Sometimes you just need someone to walk along with you. A person that you trust, with expert listening and guidance skills and who attunes to who you are and what you need at this moment. A professional who listens to you, summarizes, unravels underlying patterns, gets to the core and offers an integrative framework. This way, over a brief period of time you receive fresh inspiration and tools that help you heal or grow from the inside out. 

During one or more individual sessions I can be this person for you. I listen to you carefully. I ask thorough questions and give custom made feedback. If needed or wished for, you’ll receive a custom do-it-yourself assignment that enables you to practice specific skills during daily life.

It is also possible to combine one or more sessions with an online course. Most of the time this is more cost-effective. A session takes up to one hour and takes place on Skype, by phone or at my workplace.   


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Sustainable change

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Strategy and vision development

Individual guidance for professionals

Being a professional, it is important to regularly maintain your emotional basis. When you take responsibility for your own emotions, thoughts and behavior more consciously, you become able to deal with the needs, emotions and (in)abilities of others in a subtler and more effective way. 

The individual guidance sessions help you to get to the core more easily. You learn to communicate in a clear and effective way. You learn to make a distinction between what is yours and what belongs to others. You learn how to use your humanity as an instrument.  

Custom made track

As an entrepreneur, manager or professional you have it under your belt. You’re succesful and you know how to realize your goals. However, there are only a few people who are able to look beyond the success and see how you’re truly doing. 

As a result, you may feel lonely from time to time. And although you know it’s about time to put your inner house in order, you never seem to find (or make) the time. You’re always busy. There are plenty excuses for not having to confront yourself. So many people depend on you and rely on you while having interests of their own. But who helps you to grow from the inside out? Who holds up a mirror to you? Who truly helps you to take care of yourself? Who confronts you in a constructive way and who helps you to move beyond blind spots and sensitivities? 

With a custum made track I guide and support you during 14 weeks. I tune in to who you are and what you need in order to make a big step forward concerning your personal and professional growth. I help you change sustainably from the inside out. You will learn how to build and maintain inner balance. You will learn to take care of yourself, in a way that serves others as well. You will learn to let go of cramped control, just by connecting to yourself at a deeper level. 


Wendy helps you to embrace the unpredictability of life. She truly masters the art of asking subtle questions. She gives clear explanations and keeps an eye on every individual in the group in a miraculous way. She helps you to get to know better your patterns, judgements and qualities. This helps you to take full responsibility for your development, both personally and professionally. 

Sita Dijkstra

Labour market communication and recruitment, UMCG

Wendy’s feedback hit me during the training track. It caused resistance at times but proved, in retrospect, to be pure and totally attuned to what I needed. Through trial and error I gradually learned to put my needs and desires more at the core of daily life. Wendy handed me the tools and integrative vision that I need to work with confidence and peace.  

Jeroen Klevering

Pedagogue, Cedin


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