Are you interested in psychology, introspection and your human nature of being? Do you long to experience the present moment? Would you like to deepen and refine your personal and professional skills? Here you find an overview of the inspiration and tools we offer you to experience.

As you will see, we ordered our ‘Experience‘ products by topic. Each topic contains one or more of the following products:

  • Online courses
  • Webinars (live and on demand)
  • our online Conscious Living Community
  • Live training on location
  • Lectures

This way you are always able to join, no matter where you are or what you do. We’d love to meet you live and online!

Online courses

Our online courses give you the freedom to experience and learn in your own pace. Whenever you’d like to give yourself attention, our online courses are ready for you to go.

Online courses guide you step by step through parts of your process. They enable you to increase your skills and gain insight on who you are and what it is that you need. Online courses enable you to grow step by step through introspection. Each online course has a balanced program that consists some or all of the following ingredients:

  • written explanatory text,
  • introduction video,
  • webinars,
  • assignments,
  • podcasts and/or
  • guided meditations

For those who want, Q&A webinars are available in addition, to answer all of your questions on the content of the course. The webinars are available both live and on demand.


We offer webinars in all sorts and sizes, both live and on demand. The webinars we offer to introduce a new topic to you are free. The free webinars are announced through our newsletter and facebookpage about 1 week in advance. You need to subscribe for every webinar you’d like to join.

When the live webinar has ended, often an on demand version becomes available for a limited amount of time. This way you’re always able to enjoy our webinars and expertise.

We also offer webinars as part of a live training or online course. Each lesson may contain a webinar to explain aspects of the current topic, concluding with a Q&A to offer you help and support. These webinars are only available for the students that subscribed to the whole training or course.

Conscious Living Community

Whenever you decide to join one or more of our programs, you’re also welcome to join the online Conscious Living Community. Our community is a private student group that enables you to contact co-students and ask questions to your teacher. By asking questions, you do not only help yourself but also others. Together we create an enriching environment.

To express how you’re feeling and what you are experiencing is a vital element of every program we offer. It is crucial that you are able to share your experiences with your co-students that join the same program. It is important to us that you can feel safe within our community. That’s why the Conscious Living Community is ‘secret’. This means that all information that is shared and exchanged within the group is shielded. The information will not be shared with others nor made public; it stays in the group.

Every student and teacher that joins the Conscious Living Community commits oneself to the rules of conduct of the group. A secure atmosphere is the result of each of our efforts.

Live training

With (almost) every topic comes the opportunity to deepen and refine your skills and experiences during a live training on location. It is a unique possibility to meet your teacher and co-students live. You’ll experience the benefits of live contact, live meditation, live Q&A and live sharing of experiences.


Wendy van Mieghem gives lectures to groups of 30 people or more on invitation. She enjoys the interaction with the audience and therefore preferres a mixture of teaching, sharing experiences and answering questions.

Some of the topics of the lectures are:

Please contact Wendy for further information.

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