The wisdom behind emotion and feeling endorsements

The book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling has officially been published February 1st, 2019. You can find the book on NetGalley and Goodsreads. You’re welcome to share your experiences with the book! Below you find an overview of the reviews and recommendations it received from all over the world. Happy reading and viewing!


Overview of endorsements

“Wendy has written a very accessible and wonderful book. She has combined lived experience and wisdom to describe difficult topics in a very fresh and understandable way. If you want to learn more about yourself and your relationships, you will find answers here. Emotions and behavior are explained and pathways and options are shown in a very clear and transparent way.

I would recommend this book to anyone in management and leadership. You may read this book from cover to cover or pick up chapters and subjects as needed. Wendy has left you the choice to decide for yourself. A refreshing and wise book to keep close!”

Andrea Walraven-Thisen, strategic critical incident manager, expert in psychotraumatology (Germany)

“The design is very welcoming and comforting. Wendy talks with the reader and not at them. She strikes the right cord in pulling the reader into one’s own story. Reading the book meant a lot to me. I heartily recommend this book to others.”

David Johnson, business support administrator at Christie’s (UK)

“This book allows you to be your own emotions coach. It is well structured with easy to understand information and life examples. I think it’s brilliant!”

Valerie Navarro, life coach (France/Malaysia)


“I love the concept and the reflection questions of this book. The reflection questions are great for relating experience to the concepts. And seeing how I individually process things: what emotions I let myself feel and experience completely, and the ones I run away from often exacerbating the problems. The book is also helping me work through some grief and despair over a recent difficult situation in my life.”

Monica O’Connor, beta reader (Australia)

“I used to think more in outcomes rather than in an emotional journey. This book made me realize that it is helpful to think about my own humanity. I recommend this book to people who are keen to learn about themselves; and about their needs. The language is clear, but the meanings can be complex. In order to digest the content and get maximum value out of it, I advice to read and reflect in small chunks. I’d love to read more.”

Ruth Hopkins, administrator at Shelter UK

“The wisdom behind emotion and feeling is well written and majestically performed. If you’re keen on emotions, how they affect daily life and how you can gain insight and thus control them, this is THE book for you.”

Barbara Abraham, municipal advisor (Netherlands)


“This book is fantastic! It covers a great range of topics and the various exercises are well thought through and easy to follow. I really like the structure of the book and the way in which you have approached it.â€

Scott Buckler, chartered psychologist (UK)


“I really enjoyed reading this book. It is very informative and it offers good guidance.”

Garima Nabh, beta reader (Nigeria)



€œCongratulations Wendy! It is absolutely right that you receive this much appreciation. What a marvelous book! A book of hope: to let people read about the tools they already carry with them. Tools to allow emotions and feelings to be present and to understand them.

-€“ Rineke Dijkinga, orthomolecular therapist and naturopath, best-seller author of several books (Netherlands)


Hanneke Tinor-Centi - Recensies boek De wijsheid achter emotie en gevoel

€œThis book is a source of inspiration. It offers a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom that help to understand yourself and others better and on a deeper level.

Hanneke Tinor-Centi, communication manager and book critic (Netherlands)


Esther Bergsma - Recensie boek De wijsheid achter emotie en gevoelWendy offers in a beautiful way structure in the tangle of feelings and emotions that every human being experiences. This book is a keeper for anyone who would like to learn how to see and use feelings as a source of strength.

-€“ Esther Bergsma Msc, counselor, author and expert in high sensitivity (Netherlands)


€œWendy unravels in her book the psyche of human beings in an extraordinary and highly accessible way. She does so systematically, in a full range and with wisdom and depth. It makes the reading of this book a captivating, inspiring and adventurous journey.€

Jaap J. Dijkstra, management consultant and former City Counsel Member of Groningen (Netherlands)