Strategic advice

Sustainable and effective change in service of long-term well-being

Strategic advice

How do you build a company in which there is plenty of breathing space for long-term well-being and goals? How do you create a safe organizational culture in which there is room for reciprocal learning? How do you realize sustainable and effective change processes without creating new bottlenecks or shortages?

These are just some examples of questions that you can encounter as a director, owner or manager of as an organization. Building organizational structures and cultures that provide breathing space for long-term well-being: that’s where I support people in organizations with strategic advice and learning pathways. Read further to find out more.


“After losing a loved one, I realized that I want to live and work differently. With advice and guidance, Wendy supports me in building a healthy and sustainable company that respects long-term well-being. Every step of this change process is deeply satisfying.”

– CEO of a trading company

Long-term well-being

Long-term well-being naturally offers room for development, growth, quality and recovery. For the short term as well. It ‘just’ requires a different way of looking, building, relating and investing. A sustainable and effective way of connecting and communicating, with yourself and others, supports such a change process.

The strategic advice I provide on request focuses on creating safety, connection and trust in an organization. It inventories what is needed to give space to humanity and sustainability so that it can serve well-being in a natural way. The aim is to approach and support the organization and culture in such a way that a permanently effective learning and living environment is created. An environment in which there is plenty of room to learn and grow in contact with yourself and others.


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Attention to corporate structure and culture

Arising from the strategic advice, a tailor-made learning process can be developed and carried out as desired. During such a learning process you learn how to make a permanent, constructive impact in a natural way, that is serviceable to your and other people’s well-being. Inside and out. Personal and professional. You pass on the constructive change that you and your coworkers are living from within to others.

The strategic advice I offer can focus on a general inventory or scan of the company structure and culture. But it can also focus on further, more in-depth integration of:

Sustainable business model

How can we be optimally at the service of society and the world? And which organizational structure and culture support us in this? How do we realize this?


How can we offer an (even) higher quality product or service? What does this require of us as a company and as human beings? How do we ensure continuity and reliability?


How do I guide myself and others through change processes from a safety perspective? What does it take to be a serviceable leader in contact and communication? And what does this ask of me?

Identity development

Who are we, what do we do and how do we manifest this? Does what we mean come across towards others? How much inner space do we experience in order to subtly and powerfully match other people’s needs and wishes? How can we ensure a strong and clear identity in services without compromising individual development opportunities?

Integrity and ethics

Does what we say match what we feel and do? How do we guarantee integrity and ethical action in our organization? What dilemmas do we face in contact with colleagues and customers? How do we deal with conflicting goals, conflicts of interest and bias?

Personal and professional skills

What personal and professional skills do you need to deepen and refine? For what purpose? And from what intention?

Are you curious about what I can do for your and your company or organization? Please feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to meet you, online or offline.


“I am very driven myself, but noticed that the result I managed to achieve on my own was not optimal. Wendy helps me to lead more sustainably and effectively. She points me to a soft and constructive way in areas where profit can be made. Not only professionally, but also personally. In the meantime, I experience how much added value this offers.”

– interim manager


Why work with Wendy?


Sustainable change

Wendy’s strategic advice and learning pathways offer impact: they’re powerful and subtle at the same time. Learn how to increase your impact, sustainably and effectively.


Very solid background

With 2 master degrees (Psychology and Sociology) plus a minor in Management and Organizations, a European registration in Psychotherapy, in-depth knowledge of life and a unique experience-based approach, Wendy offers you a solid basis for further development.


Over 25 years of work experience

Wendy has over 25 years of work experience, including 20 years as an entrepreneur.


Live, online and offline learning possibilities

Wendy’s a natural teacher, both online and offline. The training materials Wendy develops, like books, online courses and posters, may support the developmental need of you and your team/organization.


You’re welcome to contact me for futher information or to make acquaintance.


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