Speaker and trainer Wendy van Mieghem provides inspiring lectures and workshops during your event. She is truly a speaker with impact.

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The lectures Wendy van Mieghem offers are one of a kind. She knows how to touch, inspire, confront, invite and connect people. As a psychologist and trainer Wendy van Mieghem puts her personal and professional background in service of her audience. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable and open during her performances. On the basis of current events and examples she confronts her audience and invites them to reflect. With humor she reassures and challenges people. Whenever possible Wendy inserts her talent for music into her speeches.

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“Wendy’s input is excellent. She’s able to touch people spot on. I bow deeply for her expertise.” – Arjen P. van Leeuwen, communication professional


“What a genius presentation!” – Maaike, GP


“Wendy brought depth and sparkle to our event.” – Inge


“Wendy helps you to embrace the unpredictability of life. She offers clarity and miraculously pays attention to every individual in the group.” – Sita Dijkstra, head staff and labour


“Wendy offered me the tools that are needed to stand peacefully but firmly in my work.” – Jeroen Klevering, pedagogue


“Wendy, it was an honor to be present at your book presentation. Thank you so much! It was touching, inspiring and powerful.”  – Daphne, manager


“The lecture felt like a play, in the best sense of the term. It was gripping, inspiring, personal and with a lot of devotion.” – Gerdien

Inspiring workshops

Wendy van Mieghem provides inspiring, interactive workshops on the psychology of human nature, change and growth. The emphasis of the workshops lies on experiencing, doing, reflection and interaction. Participants are encouraged to have an active and reflective attitude. Their needs and questions are taken into account as much as possible. Wendy knows to touch and inspire her participants with clear explanations, spot on examples and interactive do-it-yourself assignments.

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Speaker with impact, inspiring workshops, presenter