Nature of Being

Hi, my name is Wendy Van Mieghem. Through evey aspect of my life I am passionate about our nature of being human. I study, exercise (a lot!) and play with every aspect of being human for over 20 years now. It enables me to integrate consciousness, awareness and emptiness into my being. It also deepens my wisdom and experience based knowledge about how to live a peaceful and balanced daily life, that is fulfilling and satisfying to myself and others.

I offer you Inspiration and Tools for Conscious Living through my newsletter, articles, books, online courses, webinars and live training. I invite you to discover your nature of being and to integrate it into your daily life. Every effort you take to move your attention inward will get you closer to find your way to a sparkling, balanced and fulfilled daily life. To be alive and present, here and now.

Inner Growth

We all long to be nourished, loved, praised and appreciated for who we are and what we’re doing. Every human carries a treasure inside with an overload of qualities. Expressing ourselves through our qualities in who we are and what we truly need, will lead to the deepest satisfaction and joy we can experience in life. It leads us to be alive in the moment 100%.

It is our responsibility to become aware of our deepest and most true desires. After recognizing them in ourselves, we’re invited to express them in every possible way in order to shine. And it’s not that we don’t want that. But somewhere along the way, while getting to know ourselves and life, we tend to become entangled or distracted…

Every person who takes the effort to tune in to their inner being and to listen to what she or he needs, is a brave creature. For the place where we meet our deepest qualities and longings, is also the space where we meet our deepest fears. Fear of rejection, fear of loneliness, fear of death or loss, fear of mental or physical disease, fear of intense emotion. The process of finding a way and balance through this is what I call “inner growth“: to get to know and to learn to experience emotion on a deeper and deeper level, in order to become more conscious and aware of yourself and of life’s vast tapestry of experience. To discover your nature of being.

Nature of Being: training and more

The Nature of Being Training and all the inspiration I offer through my books and online courses are not just about knowledge; they’re about life itself. I invite you to discover your nature of being human on every level you’ve got in you: instincts, emotions, feelings, thoughts, judgements, inspiration and spirituality. To get to the core of your being, layer by layer, and to integrate it into your daily activities.

With help of meditation and mindfulness exercises you’ll be able to get to know and experience these different aspects of yourself. Bit by bit, layer by layer, experience after experience you’ll become more aware of who you are and what it is you need in life. It will help you find ways to express yourself and your qualities, for that’s what gives fulfillment in life.

It is necessary to let instincts, emotions and feelings get involved in our process of inner growth. Because behind these emotions, if we let them be, lies the treasure we are looking for. A deep connection with our inner selves and with the core of who we are and what we can offer. An inner wisdom that inspires and comes to the core of what you need in daily life. A deep lived through knowledge that shows you how fulfillment and satisfaction are already present, here and now.


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Nature of Being