Learning pathways for professionals

Deepen your insights and skills in leadership, psychology, emotions and human nature

Learning pathways for professionals

Do you want to learn as a professional? Not only in thinking, but also in feeling and doing? Profound, sustainable and effective? Learning pathways for professionals can be found here. As well as support for change processes, development processes or recovery processes. Are you looking for the specialist in high-quality learning pathways with lasting results? Then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Wendy van Mieghem. As a consultant and trainer I support organizations, teams and leaders during sustainable change processes. I love to help building organizational structures and cultures that provide breathing space for long-term well-being. I support organizations and professionals with advice and training. Such structures and cultures are built and maintained by individual employees and entrepreneurs, like you! The most important thing is that you’re motivated to grow personally and professionally. As soon as this is the case, it becomes possible to develop and change in a constructive way. Not only in the service of your individual well-being, but also in service of the organization you work for, your customers and even at the service of your family or private life.

Long-term well-being naturally offers room for development, growth, quality and recovery. Also for the short term. It ‘only’ requires a different way of looking, relating and investing. A sustainable and effective way of connecting and communicating, with yourself and others, supports such a change process. In order to be able to train the insights and skills that are needed, I provide learning pathways for proactive professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders. The learning pathways vary in duration and intensity from 6 months to 5 years.


“I look with great appreciation and interest at how Wendy approaches the various participants, fits in with what they need and how she doesn’t make any concessions to what is needed for sustainable change.”

– customer of the Conscious Living Education

Why learning pathways?

In order to facilitate long-term well-being, you need to invest in the balance between thinking, feeling and doing. The best way to do this is to learn experientially. This way, not only your head is addressed and challenged, but also your feelings and patterns in your doings. Allowing them to develop further, a powerful, balanced and subtle whole of humanity, insights and skills can emerge. This gives you more depth to the impact you make in your daily work and life.

Such a change in posture and set of skills cannot be developed overnight. It requires a gradual build-up and regular exercise. The learning pathways I offer, provide you with the safe environment, structure and careful feedback you need for this. You will get to know and take care of your unique qualities and sensitivities. You learn to provide security to yourself and others during change processes. This way you can build and pass on a work and living attitude in which there is breathing space for individuality, mistakes, humanity, recovery, growth and pleasure. You are welcome to learn in interaction. In contact with yourself, with your colleagues and your customers.

“I now experience lots of breathing space in the organization. Space I have never seen nor experienced before.”

– customer of the Stress and Burnout pathway

Custom-made and individual fine-tuning

The learning pathways are provided at an academic level. Incompany learning pathways are available for entrepreneurs and proactive professionals in organizations. For self-employed people and individual professionals, I provide learning pathways through open registration. There is always customization and individual fine-tuning. Even when you go through a learning process as part of a group.

Every learning process therefore takes place on the basis of personal motivation. It requires a commitment to yourself to take on such a change process. If all goes well, constructive learning in interaction brings the necessary challenges. Usually pleasant and nourishing, but sometimes also confrontational or painful. That too is part of growth. Together we monitor the breathing space necessary for mutual safety, connection and trust.

“It is with amazement that I observe how Wendy precisely knows how to connect with every professional. It is really custom-made: the tone, the approach, intensity and degree of leniency/confrontation varies per person and per moment.”

– customer of a learning pathway with her team

Wide or specific

An organizational culture encompasses many different layers and aspects. Learning pathways can be used widely or specifically. Tailored to a target group (e.g. young doctors or civil servants) or integratively in line with a selection of employees from different departments (e.g. in case of quality improvement). The list below is not complete but can give an impression of what learning pathways are possible:


  • Personal leadership
  • Identity development
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Quality improvement
  • Stress and burnout (prevention or recovery)
  • Training (young) civil servants or doctors
  • Stimulating cooperation
  • Strategic advice
  • From potential to realization, individually and as a group
  • Sustainable business model: development and implementation


“Sustainable and effective change from the inside out: it really exists. And it’s so different than I could have imagined beforehand. Wendy offers a lot of added value in the short and long term.”

– customer of a learning process in a group


Why work with Wendy?


Sustainable change

Wendy’s strategic advice and learning pathways offer impact: they’re powerful and subtle at the same time. Learn how to increase your impact, sustainably and effectively.


Very solid background

With 2 master degrees (Psychology and Sociology) plus a minor in Management and Organizations, a European registration in Psychotherapy, in-depth knowledge of life and a unique experience-based approach, Wendy offers you a solid basis for further development. Personally and professionally.


Over 25 years of work experience

Wendy has over 25 years of work experience, including 20 years as an entrepreneur.


Live, online and offline learning possibilities

Wendy’s a natural teacher, both online and offline. The training materials Wendy develops, like books, online courses and posters, may support the developmental need of you and your team/organization.

Wendy van Mieghem - bewustleven.eu

An eye and ear for you

I’d love nothing more than to listen to you carefully. To tune in. Think along. Carefully observe and get to the core. And then to give you tools that enable you to move forward. Personally and professionally. As an individual and as a team or company.

I like to teach you how to guide your customers, team or organization through change processes in a sustainable and effective way. By putting humanity and well-being first. How to create and maintain safety, connection and trust, in contact with yourself and others. Together with others, how to contribute to an enjoyable working atmosphere from which you develop high-quality services or products. How to inspire and stimulate others by being yourself, on themes such as sustainable employability, quality improvement and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The satisfaction I experience by guiding professionals and entrepreneurs is indescribable. It is such a joy to feel and see how they positively pass on changes to many others.

I’m looking forward to be of service to you.

Warm greetings,

Wendy van Mieghem



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