Individual guidance

Profound and custum-made support for entrepreneurs and leaders

Individual guidance

I offer entrepreneurs and leaders in-depth custom-made support. Each session lasts 1 to 2 hours during which we directly get to the core of what is needed. First personally, then professionally. This way you grow, recover and change from the inside out.

Maybe you’ve tried a lot of things so far and it hasn’t brought the change you were hoping for. Constructive change often takes a lot of time, practice and attention. But above all: the right approach that enables you to learn. Through my many years of experience in experiential psychotherapy and custom-made support for entrepreneurs and leaders, I know that a lot is possible. You will have to do it yourself. But if you want, I’d love to walk with you. I help you to offer yourself the breathing and developmental space you need in order to grow, in contact with yourself and others.

My in-depth support helps you to change permanently, effectively and constructively. If you want, I can even teach you how to guide yourself and others through change processes from safety. This gives me and you great satisfaction. Are we going to get to work?

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In-depth support

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone walk along with you. And not just anyone, but a powerful and experienced professional who can connect subtly. I listen, summarize, expose underlying patterns where necessary, get to the core and offer an insightful and experiential framework. This way you get inspiration and tools that enable you to develop further.

Don’t expect any fuss from me. I am patient when necessary and to the point when possible. My feedback is always individually tailored. Honest and sincere. Always constructive but sometimes also confrontational or direct. And that might take some getting used to. At times it can take some time before you fully trust that everything I do and say is at the service of your well-being. That’s fine.

In addition to feedback, you can get targeted DIY assignments, which allow you to get started right away at home or at work. These types of assignments help you to build awareness and skills in between sessions. With this goal in mind, it may also be desirable at some point to start working on one of the online courses. I will then clearly discuss this with you in advance. The online courses allow you to practice specific skills and insights that contribute to your development.

Natural recovery and change processes

My guidance follows the naturalness of recovery and change processes. It’s always focused on long-term well-being and goals. They are the hardest thing to achieve on your own. My support is most useful for long-term goals. The short-term goals we set support your long-term well-begin.

It is impossible to achieve such goals just from your head. You’re also going to have to feel more before you do. Naturally stimulating and gradually growing the balance between thinking, feeling and doing is my specialty. It’s also at the heart of my job. That’s why your trial is in good hands with me. I’m happy to be of service.

Guidance sessions usually take place at academic thinking and working level.

Wendy helps me to grow personally and professionally. I notice that this changes my contact with my customers for the better. Like me, they too now dare to be more vulnerable and invest in self-care. I often place the responsibility on them and take over less. As a result, I also experience more peace and space in my work, allowing my potential to flourish. That gives me great satisfaction. I experience more focus. The to do lists no longer determine the day. Instead, I choose what I want to spend my time on.

Deborah Holleman

Business coach

Wendy helps you to embrace the unpredictability of life. She truly masters the art of asking subtle questions. She gives clear explanations and keeps an eye on every individual in the group in a miraculous way. She helps you to get to know better your patterns, judgements and qualities. This helps you to take full responsibility for your development, both personally and professionally.

Sita Dijkstra

Labour market communication and recruitment, UMCG

Wendy’s feedback hit me during the training track. It caused resistance at times but proved, in retrospect, to be pure and totally attuned to what I needed. Through trial and error I gradually learned to put my needs and desires more at the core of daily life. Wendy handed me the tools and integrative vision that I need to work with confidence and peace.

Jeroen Klevering

Pedagogue, Cedin


Below you will find a clear overview of my individual guidance rates. My training institute is registered at the CRKBO and recognized by the Dutch government. As a result, guidance is exempt from VAT. As you can see, working on long-term well-being is rewarded with lower rates.

Because it can be difficult to see in advance how many sessions you need, it is always possible to book a single session without further obligation. For you can only make a deeper commitment once you are sure that my guidance is in line with who you are and what you need.

I’m looking forward to meet you.

Best regards,

Wendy van Mieghem – |


Why work with Wendy?


Sustainable change

Wendy’s strategic advice and learning pathways offer impact: they’re powerful and subtle at the same time. Learn how to increase your impact, sustainably and effectively.


Very solid background

With 2 master degrees (Psychology and Sociology) plus a minor in Management and Organizations, a European registration in Psychotherapy, in-depth knowledge of life and a unique experience-based approach, Wendy offers you a solid basis for further development.


Over 25 years of work experience

Wendy has over 25 years of work experience, including 20 years as an entrepreneur.


Live, online and offline learning possibilities

Wendy’s a natural teacher, both online and offline. The training materials Wendy develops, like books, online courses and posters, may support the developmental need of you and your team/organization.


You’re welcome to contact me for futher information or to make acquaintance.


Phone +31628843480 (work days only, CET)