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In-depth human knowledge

In 1995 I started working as an assistant accountant at a large accounting firm (Coopers & Lybrand, now PwC). I followed an intensive learning-work process in which a full-time job was combined with a part-time university study of no less than 8 years at Nivra-Nijenrode.

The daily practice was awesome. I loved visiting all these different companies and getting to know them from the inside. And I soon saw: companies are all about people. People who work together, struggle, fight against each other, make it right and rise above themselves. People who try their best every day to deliver the most beautiful product or service to their customers.

I thought it would be great to work with these people from an in-depth knowledge of human nature. However, I lacked the knowledge and experience to be able to do so. I also lacked a solid emotional basis. Outside office hours I regularly visited a therapist. After 1.5 years I got stuck at home with a burnout, of which I recovered as much as possible in the following six months.

I wanted to pay more attention to my own basis and also learn about the interaction between people and companies. That’s why I stopped working and started studying Management and Organizations.

Attention to the inside

In the following years I worked intensively on my personal development. I frequently brought my attention in, meditated, wrote, sang and spent a lot of time taking care of the post-traumatic stress I experienced.

Meanwhile, I studied for better or worse. In one year I graduated from Management and Organizations. However, human knowledge was still not deep enough to my taste.

At the same university I made the move to Sociology, to which I added the Psychology study a few months later. In addition, I followed a third, 7-year private training that allowed me to experience and study the nature of recovery and change processes. This was a better fit.

I really can’t recommend anyone to simultaneously take on 3 studies, have a part-time job and work intensively on self-care. But for me, it worked. It kept me in balance. And even though it was heavy, I learned an awful lot. During this period I have built up the solid emotional foundation from which I still reap the benefits. It was more than worth the investment!


Already during my studies my hands itched: I wanted to work with people! At one point I received a scholarship, which meant I didn’t have to have a part-time job anymore and could be a bit more of a student. In 2000 I started my own therapy practice. Although very modest in size, it gave me great satisfaction. I supported people in dealing with loss, bereavement, depression, anxiety and stress. And I learned a lot.

In 2003 I completed the studies Sociology and Psychology. I put my shoulders to my practice, which within a year grew into a well-run psychologist’s practice.

From 2005 onwards, in addition to individual sessions, I provided multi-year training courses and individual training days. The focus was on the interaction between personal and professional development, meditation and awareness of one’s own human patterns. I had important learning experiences as a trainer and teacher. My knowledge and experience quickly deepened.

Unfortunately, in 2009 I started to get bored. I had supported more than 1000 individual customers in recovery and change processes. I had just married, bought a house and become a mother. Because of this, I wasn’t too keen to change my daily life. Meanwhile in my practice, I had a lot more demand than I could offer. I also received my European registration in Psychotherapy.

After a long doubt, I decided to hire 3 psychologists and offer them an on-the-job training in body-oriented psychotherapy. It was a unique opportunity to learn at management level about the interaction of development processes between professionals and their clients. At the end of 2012, the partnership was completed.

Back to the companies

I had started writing a book in the years before, inspired by the boredom I experienced. As I increasingly tuned in to my own needs and desires, I realized that I had now developed the skills and knowledge I needed to realize my dream: working with people in companies from deep human knowledge.

I stopped guiding private individuals, completed my book and since then provided advice, guidance and training for organizations and professionals. The focus is on self-care and guidance during sustainable change processes. Guiding complex transformation processes gives me a lot of satisfaction. I enjoy having long-term lasting and in-depth working relationships, guiding people from different levels of the organisation. It fits with who I am.

Everything falls into place for me with this work: I can exercise both my unquenchable appetite for learning and interest in people, as well as my work ethic, feelings and need for depth and meaning. My previous work experiences are an enrichment. And I continue to apply and refine the nature of recovery and change processes.

An eye and ear for you

I’d love nothing more than to listen to you carefully. To tune in. Think along. Carefully observe and get to the core. And then to give you tools that enable you to move forward. Personally and professionally. As an individual and as a team or company.

I like to teach you how to guide your customers, team or organization through change processes in a sustainable and effective way by putting humanity and well-being first. How to create and maintain safety, connection and trust, in contact with yourself and others. Together with others, how to contribute to an enjoyable working atmosphere from which you develop high-quality services or products. How to inspire and stimulate others by being yourself, on themes such as sustainable employability, quality improvement and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The satisfaction I experience by guiding professionals and entrepreneurs is indescribable. It is such a joy to feel and see how they positively pass on changes to many others.

I’m looking forward to be of service to you.

Warm greeting,

Wendy van Mieghem

Professionals I collaborate with

It is impossible to create beautiful products and services on my own. I therefore hire on a regular basis the services of the following professionals.

Luvia Pepermans

Luvia Pepermans


Luvia takes care of the fresh design of all of my books, prospects, flyers, posters and more.

Josien Brands

Josien Brands


Josien helps me with custom made illustrations that enrich my books and tools.

Marieke Verdijk

Marieke Verdijk


Marieke made video recording during some of my training. It enables me to show the atmosphere I work in.



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