Conscious Living Education

Do you feel a need to grow, personally and professionally? Would you like to get to know life itself and what life has to offer you? Discover and learn how to learn in a natural and playful way to live consciously!

Conscious Living Education

Hi, my name is Wendy Van Mieghem. I offer the Conscious Living Education to people who feel an inner need to become more aware of their nature of being, qualities and sensitivities. A need not just to talk about conscious living, but also to ACT upon it. A need to grow as a person, both personally and professionally.

It is not always possible to influence or control what happens in your daily life. But you are responsible for the way you deal with it. We do this the best we can, every second again. To grow more conscious of who you are and what you do, enables you to experience more freedom ánd more responsibility. It cuts both ways, on several levels and in many different ways. Once you’ve decided that you want to refine and deepen your process of personal growth, the Conscious Living Education can offer you inspiration, tools and structure on your way.

The Conscious Living Education is consciously developed as an experience based education that focuses on lasting consciousness, healing and fulfillment, with the present moment as anchor. The education consists of 14 courses, not just about book knowledge; it’s about life itself. To discover your nature of being on every level you’ve got in you: instincts, emotions, feelings, thoughts, judgements, inspiration and spirituality. To get to the core of your being, layer by layer, and to integrate it into your daily activities.

With help of meditation and mindfulness exercises you’ll be able to get to know and experience these different aspects of yourself. Bit by bit, layer by layer, experience after experience you’ll become more aware of who you are and what it is you need in life. It will help you find ways to express yourself and your qualities, for that’s what gives fulfillment in life.

It is necessary to involve your instincts, emotions and feelings in your process of inner growth. Because behind these emotions, if you let them be, lies the treasure you are looking for. An inner wisdom that inspires and comes to the core of what you need in daily life. A deep lived through knowledge that shows you the way to fulfillment and being present, every moment again.

Continuous learning

Every step you take on the path of inner growth is an important one. Through time and exercise you experience change in your inner and outer life. You bear the fruits of investing your time and tuning in to your inner being.

As long as you live there’s a need or necessity to learn and enjoy what life offers you. Therefore processes of inner growth have no end: there is always more to learn and to enjoy. There’s no limit in the depth life is offering you and (therefore) there’s no end in depths of processes in inner growth and learning to integrate them into daily life.

There’s also no ‘higher’ or ‘lower’ level in inner growth, there’s only a difference in the depth of experiences. The more experienced and familiar you become in inner growth, the more you experience and recognize the similarities in processes: the nature of being in processes of healing and inner growth.

About the Conscious Living Education

Each course of the Conscious Living Education enables you to learn through experience. It offers you a warm and caring atmosphere with space to breathe. An environment that supports you in your healing process and makes you feel safe. So you can turn your attention inwards…

The Conscious Living Education offers a series of bi-annual courses of 5 days each, normally from Fridays ’till Tuesdays for a period of 7 years. Please use the time in between the courses to integrate your experiences into daily life.

The 5-day courses of the Conscious Living Education are offered in English in the Netherlands and on invitation in other countries. When the courses takes place outside the Netherlands prices and details may vary.

Costs, how to subscribe and other practical information

You are welcome to join the live training when you are balanced enough to work with meditation and energy. If you have questions or when you’ve experienced periods of severe physical or mental suffering, recently or in the past, please contact me in advance. Together we can look and tune in to see whether the training is suitable for you at this moment.

In the Netherlands the training is taught at an accomodation in the forest of Noordlaren. The costs are 997 euros excluding 21% VAT for each 5 day course of the Conscious Living Education, from Fridays ’till Tuesdays. This includes all teaching from 10 am to 17.30 pm, lunch, coffee/tea and sweets. Other costs (for travelling, staying over, breakfast and dinner, et cetera) are not included.

If you like, you can arrange an accomodation to stay over. Lodging is possible at the accomodation itself (click link for info) or in a B&B or hotel in the surrounding area (click link for info).

Each traininggroup consists of 10 to 20 participants. You’re welcome to subscribe through the contact form (click here); you’ll receive a confirmation email from me. Whenever there are enough subscribers to start a new traininggroup in English, you’ll receive a second email from me with data and further details of the first course (at least 2 months in advance).

The data of follow up courses will be set up to a year in advance.

Would you like to know more? Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter . It’s the easiest way to keep you informed about all the events and exciting news there is to come.

Take care,
Conscious Living Education
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