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Conscious living, conscious workingConscious living, conscious working -

Mission, values and standards


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Both on a personal and professional level, you regularly find yourself in situations that urge you to deal with your own or other people’s intense emotions, pain, loss, experience of a shocking event or constant changes. To continue blindly is often detrimental to you, the organization and the customer. And that’s not good.

It is my mission to support professionals who carry responsibility for others. To help you to take care of yourself in such a way that it increases both your own well-being and job satisfaction and that of others. From the inside out. How? By developing your life skills even further. 

Natural change

Now imagine this:

  • You are extremely skilled in dealing with emotions and feelings.
  • You recognize difficulties and you take care of them from the inside out.
  • You have developed such a deep insight into human nature that you move beyond limiting patterns in behavior, emotions and thoughts.
  • Through your own experiences, you’ve acquired skills and insight into the natural course of recovery and change processes, and you apply them in your work.
  • You are able to make a clear distinction between things that belong to you and the other.
  • You dare to put the power of humanity at the centre of your work and life.

Wouldn’t that make a world of difference? To you personally, professionally and to the company you work for? Wouldn’t it make you deal with changes, and with each other, in a much more relaxed, flexible and effective manner?


Together with Wendy van Mieghem, after a thorough analysis of the problem, you will develop a clear strategy that supports you and/or your team or company. Next, you get to work. You read the book The wisdom behind emotion and feeling, you practice with the online courses and with the individually tailored do-it-yourself assignments that you receive from Wendy. Once again, you listen to the audio recording of the feedback or training you received.

It’s all right, and it’s probably even necessary, that you lose the overview momentarily. It means that you’re truly picking up your own learning process. Wendy is consciously connected to the common thread at every level of the organization. She makes sure that you and your colleagues, both individually and collectively, follow a coherent process of development. It’s OK if things appear to be chaotic on the surface. As long as the processes of recovery and growth below are sustainable and effective.

Up close

You tend to overlook your influence and control. You experience problems in contact with others or your surroundings. As a result, you may think that the other must change. The solution to your problems seems to be a long way off.

However, I believe that the solution to your problem is always near, within your control and influence. By becoming more aware of who you are, you can learn to see what you do and don’t do in contact. How do others respond to your work and life attitude? How do you take care of your own boundaries, qualities and sensitivities? How do you communicate with others? And does it help you to create what you, the organization and/or the customer truly need?

Sustainable and respectful

In my opinion, dealing with scarce resources (like time, attention, energy, space, manpower, raw materials and money) in a sustainable and respectful manner is part of well being and happiness at work. The challenge is to add value to the whole instead of focusing on one aspect in particular. Ask yourself: is the way I live and work harmful to myself, others, animals, nature or the world as a whole? Often, it is not that simple to make a distinction between constructive and destructive actions.

To secure that things you do today are also constructive and effective tomorrow, demands a long-term focus and a great deal of accuracy, attention and attunement. Besides self-reflection, it continuously draws upon your own and other people’s insight and skills in dealing with creative processes. What do you destroy? What do you build? And to what extent are you willing to adjust to the ever-changing circumstances?

With regard to topics like self-organizing teams, the purpose economy and sustainable employability, I seek to find ways, together with organizations and teams, to deal with scarce resources in a sustainable and respectful way. Often, it is a challenging and complex task to tackle. But if it succeeds, the impact and satisfaction are huge!


Are you an entrepreneur, supervisor, manager, director, board member, consultant, psychologist, coach, therapist, trainer, facilitator, doctor, teacher, creative professional or otherwise interested in what I do? And do you want to take action? Contact me. I would be very happy to help you.

For over 20 years, psychologist and sociologist Wendy van Mieghem supports organizations and people like you during processes of change. From strategic advice on self-organization to a change of attitude in culture or mindset. You can expect a lot from me. I communicate in a clear and respectful way. My work is powerful, subtle and reliable.

  • Download here the pdf of the flyer ‘Conscious living, conscious working’
  • Read more about Wendy van Mieghem here.