Book ‘Introspection’


The book ‘Introspection‘ offers you inspiration and tools for inner growth. It helps you to see the wisdom that lies behind every aspect of your human nature of being. Your instincts, emotions, feelings, thoughts and inspiration are mirrors. They do not only reveal your deepest longings and desires, but they also lead the way towards fulfillment in the present moment. So simple and close to home, and yet so easy to overlook.

So now is the time to relax. Move your attention inwards and discover everything you always wanted to know about yourself…

The start of ‘Introspection’

Writing this book has been quite an interesting journey so far. It all started about 8 years ago, when I was pregnant of our first child. Even though I’d been happy with my work since then, I worked way too hard. I so much wanted to prove myself, that I was worth something. It let to countless weeks of 60 to 80 working hours. I ran a private practice in individual psychotherapy and became ‘utterly’ successful in my working field, according to the high amount of requests for free introductory consultations by soon-to-be colleagues. It was not the success I yearned for. It did not give me satisfaction, at all. But at least my clients were satisfied with my services, most of the time…

Although I still learned a lot from every client I met, I started to feel bored. First I pushed it away, but after a while it became clear to me that it was time to listen to this feeling of boredom. I needed ‘more’ in my daily life, in order to find a deeply satifying fulfillment that would last for years. In the ‘Success and happiness article‘ I have written before about the similarities between the road to success and happiness. For there are no short cuts, it became clear to me that:

  1. my longing to do what I’d love to do most (to talk, teach and sing freely) was still brutally overwhelmed by an intense fear to express myself
  2. even though in a way I knew what I wanted and needed, I still had no idea how to get there

I felt an urge to relate in a different way to the things I love to do. No more hard work and pleasing others in the hope they would still want what I had to offer. In the hope I would be seen… I wanted people to come to me! Whenever others would like to change, they would have to do it by themselves. Not because I convince them to do so, but because they feel an inner urge and courage by themselves.

I am not that different from you. I need to embrace and contain myself in a gentle way in order to feel seen, heard and nurtured. And I learn from the difficulties I find along the way. They invite me to get to know myself, express myself and trust myself. Whenever you feel an urge or curiosity to join me along the way of introspection: you’re welcome. I teach by example, with my own daily life experiences and the experiences of others as a source.

Once again, I was looking for a change of attitude towards life. It’s easier said than done not to take over responsibility. I discovered the subtleness of my humanity and the daily presence of despair, fear, joy and search for satisfaction.

Introspection it is

I have learned to do more with less effort. Getting to know my humanity has proven to be the greatest gift I can give myself. There is no need for me to work hard anymore, even though at times I still do, for the fulfillment of my longings and desires is already present here and now. Since I started to embrace myself and listen to my inner being carefully, I truly feel and experience that every day of my life contains the fulfillment, inner peace and relaxation I long for. I have found the breathtaking happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment I was desperately looking for, in my own home and backyard. And this time, it lasts.

My first book ‘Introspection’ (working title) is the result of this inner journey. In a personal, funny and at times confrontive way the book ‘Introspection’ invites you to turn your attention inwards and embrace your human nature of being. To see yourself where you want to be seen and to act upon your dreams and desires.

From now on, there is no need for you to work hard or desperately search for solutions, for the answers to your questions are probably present and overlooked. You’re invited to get to know yourself, express yourself and trust yourself in order to recognize and receive what is already there. Your instincts, emotions, feelings, thoughts and inspiration show you the way…

Coming up

The book ‘Introspection‘ will first be published in Dutch by the end of 2015. In 2016, the book will also become available in English. Stay tuned!

Warm greetings,

Wendy van Mieghem, psychotherapist, writer and teacher


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