Basics of Meditation

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Basics of Meditation: learn in 7 weeks how to meditate and balance your energy

An online training course that helps you find and maintain inner balance.

Are you curious…?

Would you like to learn how to meditate and balance your energy, but you don’t know where to start?

Meditation and mindfulness are ‘hot’. It seems like everyone is paying attention to one’s inner self nowadays and the media are full of articles that underline the scientifically proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation. It’s not that hard to sit still for 5 minutes, but what to do next? How do you use meditation and mindfulness to improve your inner balance? A lot of people struggle with this.

Where to start? How to avoid starters mistakes? How do you prevend that it takes too much of your time and energy? And even more important: how do you make sure that it really adds value to your daily life?


Now is the time to make a difference. Learning how to meditate and practicing to find and maintain an inner balance pays off, both in your personal and in your professional life. You become more present and visible. Introspection and meditation help you to gain insights on human behavior. When you become more aware of your own motives and desires, it becomes easier to fulfill them. Meditation is a tool that helps you to become relaxed, in order to find inner space and heal from the inside out. It helps you to come to the core and find meaning.

This is what you need

To learn how to meditate and find and maintain inner balance, this is what you need:

A clear view on who you are: you need to know who you are and what you truly need. What is it that keeps you awake at night? How do you deal with intense emotions? What are the underlying motives of your actions in daily life? Getting to know the real-life version of yourself, including all of your bad habits, trics and procrastination, gives you direction.

To embrace unwanted visitors: every uninvited physical sensation, emotion, feeling, thought or behavior that passes by needs to be welcomed. You don’t have to like them, but you also shouldn’t cast them away. If you want to become more present, you need to allow them to be present as well.

A smart well-thought-out structure: once you start your inner journey, you need to be able to cling to something that guides you through the mist and hard times. A structure that you trust, for it is not possible to keep a clear view and get to know yourself better at the same time. You need to be able to let go of (some) control, in order to be able to experience. And experiences are what you need, if you want to be able to grow and change the way you experience your daily life.

Interaction with your teacher and co-students: you need to be able to ask a question to your teacher whenever they pop up during the course, e.g. questions about the content of the course or based on a meditation experience. It is also nice to be able to share your experiences among fellow students. Precisely because everyone has a different background, it is possible to learn a lot from eachother. Whenever you walk through processes of change and inner growth, it is important to continue to express yourself. Sharing your experiences within a private group of co-students can be enrichening to yourself, but also to your fellow students and teacher.

A notebook to write it all down: whatever it is that you’ve experienced during meditation, you need to write it down. By writing you are invited to observe what happened. Writing helps to let go of emotions and fears, for you allow it to exist. Writing also helps you to let go of control issues. Once you’ve written down how it was, you’re able to move to the next moment without worrying or clinging to it.

Your notebook is your external memory. It enables you to live through processes of inner growth, experiencing all sorts of unexpected feelings. Over time, you’re able to read through your notes and discover patterns that you were not aware of yet.

The Basics of Meditation program invites you to learn all of this. The online 7 week program enables you to learn how to meditate and find and maintain inner balance step by step. In a way that supports your personal and professional life. And the good news is: you can start right away!

Please note: to be able to use Basics of Meditation you need an internet or wifi connection as well, in order to get access to the files each time you’d like to practice.

Go and learn how to meditate today. With Basics of Meditation

You receive access to the online course Basics of Meditation right after purchase. So you can start with the program today. If you want to follow the course in 7 weeks, we advice you to take a week per lesson. Each lesson takes about one hour to practice. Practice two or three times a week in order to collect the experiences you need to acquire the insights and skills you long for.

Of course it is possible to follow the course at a different pace. Whenever you’d like to pause or go on holidays in between: go ahead. After purchase the program is added to your account, where you can find it at the ‘My courses‘ page. You can open the program as often as you need for your own personal use. This way you can easily start to learn how to meditate and balance your energy under expert supervision, without waste of time.

This is your yield of Basics of Meditation

With Basics of Meditation you receive a step-by-step approach that lets you start by yourself right away. You invest your time and attention in a program that offers you insightful information on the most common how to meditate pitfalls and how to get out of it. The program motivates you to practice and keep going. It introduces different levels of meditations to you at several levels, so you can experiment with what suits you best. You learn to experience the present moment and become aware of the natural interaction between your body, psyche and energy.

You learn how to meditate where and whenever you need. You learn to pay attention to how you’re feeling and become more aware of who you are. You become more balanced, relaxed and open in just 7 weeks time. It enables you to increase your inner presence in such way that both your personal and your professional life will benefit from it. You learn to see through human behavior, by getting to know yourself.

Basics of Meditation enables you to become the grounded, balanced person you long to be.

This is what you get

With Basics of Meditaiton you receive the following modules:

1. On meditation, mindfulness and inner growth: What is meditation? And what are mindfulness and inner growth? With this module you receive an introduction video, explanatory text, two exercises in different levels with audiofiles, text and downloadable .pdf files. You learn about what meditation, mindfulness and inner growth can do for you and to observe your motivation.

2. Body posture and mental attitude: how important is the influence of your body posture and mental attitude when you start to meditate? This module contains an introduction video, explanatory text, two mindfulness exercises at different levels with audiofiles and text. You learn about the importance of relaxation, self-acceptance and an open attitude.

3. All about energy – an introduction: what is energy and how do you perceive it? Experience your energy with the extra video. This module contains an introduction video, explanatory text, two exercises with video or audio and text. You learn about the influence of emotions and thoughts on your energy and practice your skills in perceiving energy.

4. All about energy – chakras and meditation: how do you exercise with chakras and energy points? Learn about the 7 chakras with the explanatory text and downloadable .pdf file; introduction video; find the location of the chakras on your body with help of the extra video; meditation exercise with audio file and text. You learn about the different layers in working with energy points and about the circulation of natural expression.

5. The interim score: take a moment to reflect on how you’re doing and learn about 3 common pitfalls and their solutions. With introduction video, explanatory text and two exercises with audio or video and text. You learn how to deal with lack of concentration, resistance and the difficulty to recognize your own experiences.

6. Personal development: what is personal development and how do you recognize it in daily life? This module contains an introduction video, explanatory text with downloadable .pdf file and a meditation exercise with audio and text. You learn about patterns in behavior, thinking and dealing with emotions. You learn why it is important to give yourself the attention you need.

7. Your qualities: what are qualities and how do you recognize them? This last module contains an introduction video, explanatory text, a meditation exercise with audio and text and some tips and suggestions to continue your good work. You learn about the importance of expressing your qualities and the value it adds to your personal and professional life.

After payment you receive unlimited access for personal, private use. On the program as a whole and on each individual part (such as text, video, audio and exercises) all rights are reserved. Please do contact us for more information on wholesale and business or commercial use.

This is what you need to invest

Basics of Meditation is a program that instantly helps you to relax and to improve your inner balance. The program asks you to invest money, but also time and attention. For it’s an online program that you yourself will join in your own time. So you can start where and whenever it suits you best. It is up to you to reserve time for Basics of Meditation. I advice you to mark one or two evenings or moments a week in your agenda, during all of the 7 weeks. You’ll be able to finish some modules quicker than others. This will give you some extra time to practice what you’ve learned in daily life. Observe yourself during the day and take some moments in between to write down how you feel. With Meditation and Energy Basics you do not only invest in the program, but also in your personal and professional life.

The investment that is needed to receive all modules is 297 euros. With Basics of Meditation you receive a complete training that instantly helps you to improve your inner balance. In your daily life. Step by step. With unlimited access for personal use. Imagine what a deeper inner balance would mean to you…


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Grow under expert supervisionWendy van Mieghem aug 2013 uitsnede400lichter

Basics of Meditation is developed by Wendy van Mieghem. I started my private psychotherapy practice in 2000.  Over 1000 clients asked me to join them on their journey to untie the inner knot of loss and grief, trauma, anxiety and depression issues.

The natural interaction between personal and professional development interested me from the start. And since I became a parent, it interests me even more. I experience everyday how my personal and professional development reinforce eachother.

I practice mindfulness and meditation since 1994. Introspection and conscious living have become a way of life to me. I teach clients and students (live since 2005 and online since 2012) how they can get to know themselves, express themselves and trust themselves from the inside out by looking at the mirror of their daily lives. It has become my mission to talk about introspection and to invite you to consciously pay attention to yourself.

Students of the Basics of Meditation program say:

The course helped me to refocus on myself with compassion and forgiveness.” – Julia

“This course is truly a gift. Grounded and sensitive. Wendy Van Mieghem is a natural and perfect guardian.” – Georgina

“The course has an easy flow structure starting from awareness of self to right through the process of change. It allows acceptance of natural phenomenon of being human and then move on to eventual process of healing self through changing one’s own perception to look from internal frame of reference. Connecting to my body was an important source of awareness and healing. Thank you and I am glad that I have joined the course.” – Shaheen

“Basics of Meditation offers a nice variation between lecture and practice. This online course enables me to learn in my own pace and to do the exercises as often as I like. It truly helps me to increase my inner balance” – Jo-Ann

“It’s super. I am really happy that I joined this course. It offers me a helping hand to get to know and experience meditation. It helps me to (re)connect with myself. This course also invites me to gain more knowledge and insights on emotions en thought processes.” – Rick


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To whom does Basics of Meditation fit ?

Basics of Meditation is suitable for entrepreneurs, professionals, working parents and stay at home moms and dads who want to grow from the inside out and improve their inner balance. People who are looking for tools for conscious living in order to change their mindset and experience contentment with the present moment. And who would like to use tools like meditation and mindfulness exercises to do so.

The program suits you if you recognize yourself in the following:

  • You like to improve your well-being. You’d like to grow, personally and professionally.
  • You use meditation and mindfulness occasionally, but it doesn’t bring the contentment you long for
  • You’d like to start with meditation and inner growth, and immediately get to the core of it
  • You’re smart and you’re able to switch fast. You’re looking for inspiration and a clear approach.
  • You’re a doer and you’re able to pick up new material and put it into practice
  • You dislike random or one-time actions. You want to learn and grow in a consistent way.


Bonus 1: receive access to the Conscious Living Community

As a bonus you receive access to the private Conscious Living Community within 24 to 48 hours after purchase.

Help yourself and others by posting your question in this private online community. I will try to answer within 48 hours on work days. Questions that require a longer or more personal answer, can (anonymously) be added to the Q&A webinar list.

The Conscious Living Community is also a great place to meet other students online and share experiences. It is very enriching and reassuring to read about the experiences and questions of others. You’re welcome!

Bonus 2: join the Q&A webinars for free!

Whenever students have a question that requires a longer or more personal answer, it can (anonymously) be answered during one of the Q&A webinars.

During a Q&A webinar I answer 2 questions about specific subjects. They are mini lectures on conscious living in daily life, with time to answer questions in between.

Each Q&A webinar takes about one hour. Only students who join one or more of our courses, can access the Q&A webinars.


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Warm greetings,

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