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About Wendy van Mieghem

My work is powerful, subtle and reliable. I love people and their humanity. I excel in guiding companies, groups and individuals through change processes. I like to get to the core, a lot. I’m analytical, sensitive, creative, open, down-to-earth, realistic and inspiring.

I combine a European registration in Psychotherapy and scientific background (Psychology, Sociology, Management and Organizations) with over 20 years of professional and personal experience in the field of psychology, leadership, consciousness, human nature and its ability to adapt and change.

As a strategic consultant, trainer and interim advisor I help organizations and professionals grow in contact and communication. Organizations and companies hire me for advice and training with depth, in order to grow and change sustainably and effectively from the inside out. For this purpose, I stimulate people to take advantage of the interaction between personal and professional development. Think of projects like:

  • self organizing teams: supporting the strategy development, implementation and improving quality
  • norms and values driven organization: full analysis, strategy development and implementation of a change in attitude and culture
  • customer focused leadership: meeting needs in a natural way
  • communication: analysis of bottle-necks in culture and supporting change processes
  • custom-made tracks for groups and individuals

My company Conscious Living Consultancy and Training ( is acknowledged by the Dutch government as a training institute. It is registered as such at the CRKBO and complies with the quality code for Training Institutes.

You can read more about my mission, values and standards here.