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photo Wendy van MieghemAbout Wendy Van Mieghem

Hi, my name is Wendy van Mieghem. I am a psychologist and sociologist.

From 2000 to 2014 I supported over 1000 people as a mental health care professional. From 2004 on I provide training as well. My specialties are loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, meaning of life and the interaction between personal and professional development.
In autumn of 2014 I decided to end my private psychotherapy practice to focus completely on my passion: to talk about the purpose of introspection and to invite people to consciously give attention to themselves.

To get to know yourself, express yourself and trust yourself are the key ingredients to a satisfying and fulfilled daily life, both personal and professional. Your instincts, emotions, feelings, thoughts, judgements and inspiration reveal what is right for you.

You create space by taking care of yourself. Space to breathe, to relax and to experience what is. Out of space becomes clear what it is that you need to do: it offers you direction. Space enables you to meet and serve others. Space also enables you to receive, integrate and respect deviant behavior or opposite views. It enables you to move beyond conflicts. Space is the base for peace.

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About Wendy Van Mieghem

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