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Conscious Living for Professionals

You are an experienced professional and you’re very good at what you do. You feel for your clients. You’re smart, creative, sensitive and quick. You know that you’re talented. But you want and like to do móre. You long to be more present and more efficient. You’d like to increase your skills to listen, receive and react to what is going on in any situation. You’d like to grow from the inside out, personally and professionally. But how do you set about it?

Conscious Living: experience the present moment

I learned it the hard way, getting to know who I am and what I need in life. After a lot of struggling, working way too many hours, the fulfillment of all my desires and needs turned out to be much closer to home than I ever imagined. Fulfillment with success and happiness are here and now, throughout my daily life. There is no need to work hard in order to feel happy. What is needed, is to be present.

Allowing myself to receive what is already here, turned out to be the greatest gift I could ever give myself. Now I know that success and happiness lie in my own home and backyard, at this very moment. And it’s not just there for me. It’s there for everyone, including you!

Clients who actively participate in my programs sense the results in about 3 to 6 months: more contentment, more relaxation and more at peace with the present moment. Close to home, without hard work or travelling.

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Product overview

Would you like to know more about my programs? Visit the product overview page to see what I have in store, literally.

My programs are designed in such a way that they fit all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners of introspection.

The programs use several tools in order to fit your needs:

+ The online courses enable you to grow where and whenever you like in your own pace

+ The live webinars and live training are structured by subject; they enable you to deepen and refine your skills in interaction with your teacher and co-students

+ The private Conscious Living Community enables you to ask questions to me and other guest teachers, to meet other students online and share experiences

Together with my team I offer a 7-year Conscious Living Education for those of you who desire to deepen and refine their knowledge and skills in conscious living in a certified learning environment.

Warm greetings,

Wendy van Mieghem

bewust leven - wendy van mieghem

Wendy van Mieghem, psychologist, sociologist, teacher and founder of Conscious Living Education & Training

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